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Multi Wild Slots

Doing away with win lines and replacing them with large quantities of ways to play could be the way forward in the online slot scene. Delivering more chances and thus a greater potential to win, gamers feel they can afford to splash out more cash when starting a game such as Multi Wild.

The 4-reel slot is one from Merkur, a brand that is known for many successful titles, most of which are far from the most popular, but prove satisfying to play more times than not. Look around online, not many bad reviews are written about their games, even though they tend to provide less variance than a great deal many other brands.

Multi Wild is your basic vintage layout, with only the advanced ways to play making it different from the rest. If you’ve had your fill of fruits, you’ll probably go to dine out and try for richer feasts elsewhere, though bear in mind that the pay out here is worth up to 40,000 credits.

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Multi Wild

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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In the Money

To dine on the delights of the cash cow, you need to be getting the wild symbol again and again, preferably in a grouping of three or more. This isn’t just because of the money that it can pay you, but because of the multipliers offered up as well; on any bet, the most you can up your cash by is x8. However, the most cash you can receive jumps from 100 to 40,000.

As the wild can turn up as the only single of the grid, the chance of landing a win from the icon is highly likely, even despite the medium volatility at work here. This is because finding a tile that doesn’t have to match up to make a win is quite easy to come by; it’s much harder having to get the three or over grouping. That being said, as the wild is a special tile, you can anticipate it won’t show up as much as the others.

Simple Pleasures

The rest of the grid and its fruity imagery is a lot simpler to appreciate, with all of them giving a tepid reward of credits to keep the game play ticking over. The only time this game becomes a hard hitter is when you bet hard, which isn’t something many of us will be doing. We like our cash where we can see it: safely tucked away, and so any risks placed on it tends to be mild. Of course, if you’re a high roller, you’ll be laughing at how crazy that sounds, probably putting down the maximum bet of 20 coins as we type this up. The Max Bet toggle will take you to the largest amount, speeding everything up.

Aside from that, there’s only the auto play that requires any specific input; it starts off with a high value of 100 rounds for you to work through, hands free of course. However, you can reduce that as much as you like to tailor the experience to you, something a lot of gamers will savor given the lack of flexibility found elsewhere, i.e. the ways to play.

Fast Play Activated

You won’t see it clearly listed, but there’s more than the automatic rounds that can make playing Multi Wild easier, and that’s the Fast Play, squirreled away inside the settings cog, found in the top right hand corner. By ticking it you’ll get a much speedier form of entertainment, which is far more in-keeping with our pace of life than what the title was churning out before.

Not So Wild Anymore

Multi Wild just doesn’t cut it, even if you place your standards as low as they can possibly go, mainly because there’s just nothing interesting about this game. Any thrill it could have given us has been washed away, with not even the multiple ways to play offering anything new to the table. We’d go so far as to say that it feels like valuable time has been stolen from us.

Oh my goodness, could this be Merkur’s first bad review? Well no, actually, for even though this title clearly isn’t for us, there’ll be players out there that’ll eat up its humdrum design and interface.

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