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Being a slot lover is no mean job. There are so many options to explore and so many new features to get a hang of that it is quite easy to get lost in this plethora of possibilities. The classic problem of the plenty starts surfacing and before you know it, you’ve lost your track again.

If that happens to you once more, just sit back, relax, put your feet up and take a deep breath. Then, perhaps, turn your attention to Jolly’s Cap – a minimalistic online-only video slot game by Merkur that will, take our word for it, help you restore your forgotten passion for slots and every bit of craziness, funk and rush that they bring about as their sideshows.

A Trip Back to Simpler Times

There was a prominent phase in the history of slots where developers used to be extremely confused in understanding what the players were really craving for. Consequently, all they did was churn out blatant reproductions of already famous offline slots. That, of course, didn’t go well with online players. This problem has since been sorted out by careful streamlining of slots and shaping up of taste by players, but that particular era when playing a slot was enormously easy and, in a very strange way, enjoyable despite the lack of any features whatsoever is still recalled with fondness by many veterans.

Jolly’s Cap is an ode to those times and for that very reason, if not any other, it needs to be appreciated, valued and enjoyed.

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Jolly's Cap

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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It’s No Rocket Science Class, but It’s No Cakewalk, Either!

Playing Jolly’s Cap does not involve solving cubic equations or finding complex quad-roots of -1. It’s just a simple slot game that, with a touch (or click) of three buttons on the home screen, gets into its gears, calling your fortune to hear if it answers.

The only difference that players who are used to playing with all-online, modern-day renditions of classic slots will feel while playing a slot like Jolly’s Cap is the absence of buttons that make life easy for them. There’s no auto-incremental bar to help you input the correct number of coins. There’s no automated activation of paylines in one go, either. If you have to enter $1.50, you have to manually draw the virtual wager lever 15 times, and if you want to activate 5 top paylines, you have to turn them green one by one. Shortcuts, as we would like emphasize, are recipes for disasters. So, it’s good to have something that makes us work for rewards, however flimsy the work in question is.

What Hides Beneath Jolly’s Cap?

If you do want to really know what secrets this cap hides, the only way for you is to get up, get ready and get playing.

Five reels and 10 paylines are what you will have to have fun with. As we keep saying, a reel to payline ratio of 50% or lower is what you need to have a strong chance of converting your wagers into something that you can proudly take home, as opposed to helplessly witnessing it all evaporate into thin ether. Ten paylines share the job of paying out sweet loads of cash to you in three sets – each of which can be customised as per your wishes.

Back to the Square One: Where’s My Cap?

The symbols in Jolly’s Cap are a sheer delight to watch. Impeccable hand-drawn animations are all it takes to lift this slot game from modest to impressive. There are a few common slot symbols that, in spite of not having any apparent connection with each other, look pretty cool in the gameplay setup. Last time we checked, there were three broad categories – human characters, beasts (animals and birds) and objects (rings, decks of cards, chariots etc.). Out of all these, inanimate symbols have the least payout quotients.

Wild, Wild Hatter

The only wild symbol in Jolly’s Cap universe is a wild hatter named Jolly the Joker. If he deems it good enough to regale your slots with his face, start counting your blessings ASAP – because you can win serious bundles of cash here. The upper cap of the jackpot (at least 3 consecutive wild symbols) is fixed at – wait for it – $20,000.

Do you now realize why thousands of players are raving mad about Jolly and his cap?

Cap in Hand

In summary, all we have to say is ‘never judge a slot by its interface’.

Jolly’s Cap may look overly haphazard at first (it doesn’t have ANY bonus round at all), but we can live with that because not too many slots can hold a candle to its extravagant payouts!

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