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Shiva Slot

This all-India-special entry from Merkur is tailor made for gamers who take active interest in understanding and following various cultures around the world. Just like many other fantasy and mythology based slot games that Merkur has brought forth for its avid fans, Shiva is a feature-packed slot game that won’t let you have a breather unless you are too exhausted to carry on.

From mayhem to world regeneration and from asceticism to indulgence, Lord Shiva holds many contrasting faces that have captivated the imagination of devotees and followers for thousands of years.

To kick start your new year with some heavenly blessings, Shiva slot might just be the perfect pick for you!

Shiva: What He Means to Devotees

Lord Shiva of Indian mythology is often considered to be a god that has many follies. He is, at various junctures of different scriptures, described as the prime motivator of the creation and destruction of the universe that we are a part of. Dr Oppenheimer, the scientist who designed the fateful atomic bomb that crash-ended the World War II, was enormously influenced by Lord Shiva’s myths, and even uttered the following words of Shiva upon the first ever successful test of the bomb:

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds!”

Considering all the stature that he carries among millions of devotees, it would only be fair to imagine what it would be like to make this mystic ascetic the protagonist of a powerful slot game. Well, imagining can wait for a while, because the real deal is finally here.

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Creating Your Own Universe

Creating a universe is no child’s play. That’s exactly why, the fact that Shiva allows us to create a fleeting miniature of a pseudo universe through its fast unfurling drama is the one you will enjoy and cherish the most, just like we did. There are 5 standard reels in this no-cheap-tricks game, each carrying four frontal visible slots that align with adjacent reels to create patterns that will eventually decide whether you reign the universe or watch it turn into a speck of ash.

In a highly celebrated move, Merkur finally tried 50 paylines (that’s correct: f-i-f-t-y paylines), giving players an enormous advantage with the reel to payline ratio of 0.1 – the lowest in Merkur’s whole gamut of hundreds of slots.

Where Myths and Minds Mingle

Another aspect of Shiva slot that will take your imagination by the scruff of its imaginary collar is the pervasive use of Hindu mythology, with Lord Shiva at its centre. There is an exceptional emphasis here on reflecting all entities that are usually associated with Shiva – the fearsome cobra that he bears on his neck, the temple he resides in and dogs he shelters. The quintessential depiction of India – the Taj Mahal – also makes its presence felt through occasional flashes. These regular symbols, even though they won’t pay out as handsomely as you would want them to (x50 at max), they are the backbone of the entire gameplay experience.

Into the Wild: Lord Shiva’s Forays

Lord Shiva is best known as a god that loves to keep his distance from worldly pleasures. So, it’s quite fitting that you need his blessings to make your wagers count and your lucky bird sing. He is the only wild symbol in this slot game, making all the players crave for his one appearance – just like his devotees beg of him for one divine sighting.

Another good news is that the slot features a scatter symbol – a Hindu temple – that can substitute or make up for any missing link on any active payline, provided that a favourable combination is struck. You don’t have to worry about it though, as the software takes care of it for you.

We have summarized the pros and cons of Shiva slot game in the closing parts of this review that are about to follow.


If we were asked to mention one thing that we love the most about this power-packed slot game, it has to be the presence of 50 paylines. We really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a higher payline density in a given grid, and Shiva makes for an excellent case study.


Quite bluntly, there’s not a single thing we would want to see changed here. Playing Shiva is a truly divine experience, much different than any other slot you will ever play, just because you have this surreal feeling of being watched over by an omnipotent watcher – a feeling you just can’t describe in words.

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