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Knight's Life Slot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a fearsome warrior, a tender lover and a chivalrous knight in the high-ages of medieval Britannia?

Has the idea of being mighty and admired all over the land always fascinated you?

Have you always seen yourself on the right side of the result after a bloody game of jousting?

If you have three yeses as answers for these questions, congratulations are in order, for you have just found a perfect slot match for you – Knight’s Life.

Knights Need No Comforting

Knight’s Life is a fast-paced and action-packed online video slot introduced by Merkur – a kingpin of slot games – in 2013. The game itself, so far as our experience of judging various slots goes, is one of the most versatile and well-rounded ones. Featuring an extensive set of customisation controls, Knight’s Life rests the reins of operation in your able hands, without holding any powers back for its own.

The best facet of Knight’s Life, as many players have already expressed to us, is the fact that it heavily relies on developing a custom storyline that takes turns according to your win or loss in the game. So, there’s no generic crib-crabbing, no formulaic repetition and certainly no boring interludes. What you get instead is a full-throttle video gaming experience that is coupled seamlessly with the monetary aspects of its core – the slot.

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Knight's Life

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Facing the Odds: A View Through the Chainmail

Merkur has taken a great deal of strain in converting every possible function of the gameplay into an easily relatable medieval entity. Activation levers resemble swords and daggers while paylines take the form of asinine straws. Symbols, the best of the lot, look like they have been teleported straight out of King Arthur’s court with due permission of Sir Lancelot. Knights, armours, horses, castles, saddles, wine jars and random face value cards to make up the balance – everything you could ask of a medieval time is jam-packed in the available slots.

As a result of it all, the gameplay becomes immensely entertaining and engaging. You would certainly be forgiven to forget the point of winning at odd times, and concentrate on how the story of a disbarred knight shapes up before you.

Of Gold, Silver and Blood

Payouts in Knight’s Life are usually accorded in terms of gold and silver equivalents, the currency value of which you can easily find out by referring to the paytable available on the launch screen. Wager values are slightly on the lower side here, with the minimum and maximum bet per line being 10 cents and $10, respectively.

Five reels make up the slots while 5 paylines are used as references to count combinations. The paylines, much to our dismay, are NOT flexible, and you have to make do with the available setup of 1-2-2.

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of this Machiavellian game in which cowards and frail of spine find no place to stand.

The Good

The most laudable thing about Knight’s Life is that it allows for Adjacent Pay. This means that you don’t have to wait for three slots to align in order to redeem yourself of your wagers (and gambler’s remorse, too!). Even if you get two suitable slots lined up along an active payline, you stand to receive positive rewards.

Another wonderful feature here is the presence of a wild symbol – the greatest English wizard to ever live, Merlin, as well as a scatter symbol – a rollicking horse. So, potentially speaking, you have a chance of winning $10,000 if you hit the jackpot AND THEN doubling it up if you are lucky enough to find some equestrian beauty on any three of active slots. We know the chances are slim to nothing, but it’s fun giving it a go.

The Bad

One thing that you, as a player, might come to hate while playing Knight’s Life is that even if you hit it really sound and sweet, you are required to turn down a number of gambling options (double or nothing sorts). Many fail to resist the idea of taking the big bounty home, only to end up carrying pockets full of chilly air.

The Ugly

There’s really nothing on this count that we can think of in regard with the gameplay. For what it’s worth, Merkur could surely have increased the max-bet per line. You know, just in case, if it’s your lucky day.

Flexible paylines would also have appealed to players’ instincts better.

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