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King of Luck Slots

Bow down to the King of Luck and you could be in with a chance to win the 2,500 credit jackpot of this Mekur Gaming slot machine.

As for the gameplay, this slot machine is quite unlike any we have ever seen before. That is because the game only has 1 reel with 1 single position, upon which there is a chance for 5 different symbols to appear, some of which award wins to be accumulated into the jackpot kitty and some of which will take all of the wins away. Have you got the nerve to keep on spinning to reach the top level of prizes?

Simple spins

King of Luck may be a very unique game in terms of gameplay but it presents some familiar action when it comes to the theme. That is because the 1-reel slot machine adopts some traditional slot machine aesthetics with a hot and fiery game screen that features symbols such as four-leafed clovers, golden coins and ladybird beetles. Each of these symbols can be revealed on the game's only reel position, showing a simple 2D image that is filled with bright colour against the black background.

The slot only has two other symbols: a regal cartoon king character and a cheeky little devil character.

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King of Luck

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Climb the towers to reach the jackpot

Since there is only 1 reel with 1 position, this game works in a very different way to most other slot machines. For a start, there aren't any conventional paylines upon which players can find rows of matching icons.

Instead, wins are awarded whenever one a clover, coin or beetle symbol appears in the black box. And when we say that the win is awarded, it is actually added to a “Jackpot” kitty, the total of which can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Therefore, players can keep on spinning the reel hoping to add to this cash-pot with every consecutive symbol that appears, with each additional win per icon awarding increasingly larger prizes. If the reel spins to reveal a blank space, then players won't win a prize but the jackpot will remain.

Wagers per spin range from 0.05 to 5.00 credits, and you can see all of the potential wins represented in the table below as total bet multipliers:

Number of symbols

Spinners of this slot machine will notice that each symbol is presented alongside its own tower of wins (the values of which will change according to the size of the chosen stake). Once players light up the fifth step on a tower, they will be eligible to win that fifth tier prize for every additional matching symbol that appears. If players manage to light up all three towers to illuminate three upward pointing triangles, they will win the ultimate bonus prize that amounts to 500x the value of the bet.

A little help from His Majesty the King

King of Luck features one extra symbol that could potentially boost players chances of lighting up all three towers to reach that ultimate 500x jackpot. This icon is depicted by the kingly character and it will essentially perform as all three normal paying symbols to light up one step on each tower. His Majesty the King is certainly one symbol worth keeping an eye out for!

Speak of the devil...

The only symbol that you don't want to appear while spinning King of Luck is the little red devil icon. That is because this bogie symbol will cause all of the accrued wins in the jackpot kitty to be lost. So, each spin is a gamble to either increase the cash prizes or lose it all. Spinners can hit “collect” at any time, but this will cause the towers to revert back to square one.

Set your limits

This nature of this game requires players to be astute to each and every spin, with one finger on the “spin” button and another of the “collect” control. However, there is an autoplay option available, giving punters the chance to play at a faster pace with some level of control. That is because players must set a win limit when they initiate the autoplay feature, meaning that they game will stop as soon as the jackpot level reaches a certain amount. After that, players can play on with individual spins or set a higher autoplay limit. Basically, this means that the game won't simply run on until a pesky devil pops up spoil the jackpot winnings.

Can you hold your nerve?

King of Luck offers spinners with some very unique and interesting gameplay. Naturally, this 1-reel slot machine will appeal to fans of retro games since there isn't anything too spectacular available when it comes to the design and bonus gameplay. Nonetheless, anyone who likes the thrill of a gamble can enjoy some quality betting action as every spin has the potential to increase your wins towards that 500x jackpot.

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