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Hercules Slots

The Hercules slot machine by WMS lets you enjoy an exciting game with remarkably detailed art, a user-friendly and simplified interface, and over a hundred lines of free spin action. This 5X4 reel video machine is configured for 40 and 50 lines. There also exists 60 line configuration for 30 credits and 40 line configuration of 20 credits. It works on all Bluebird platforms.

Supported by the Hot Hot Super Jackpot slot feature, Hercules allows you the thrill and excitement of frozen reels with free spins, free games bonus, progressive multi-tier jackpots and a high Big Win threshold.

Players get a taste of the Herculean mythology with the machine's royal symbols and impressively detailed art work. The graphics are spectacular, bonus and high paying symbols have been cleverly designed to be particularly attention-grabbing and fit with the Herculean theme .

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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How to Play the Re-Spin and Free Play Bonus Rounds

The machine awards free spins when scattered lightning appears on any gold lightning on the fifth reel. The number of free spins you get range from five to 50 and the multiplier for these free spins is  determined in accordance with the number of gold lightning symbols you get on the the fifth reel when the bonus is triggered.

Additionally, if the reel five gives you (one or more) red lightning along with the scattered gold lighting, during any of the free spins, the machine awards you with more free spins.

Multipliers For Free Spins

  • Multiplier of two times with one gold lighting
  • Multiplier equals four times with two gold lighting
  • Multiplier of six times with three gold lighting

The re-spin bonus is triggered when two or more scattered coin symbols appear on the screen. When triggered, the line pays, if any are evaluated, coins symbols stay with their position and all reels re-spin one time.

You reach the free spin bonus on getting three coins, which bring five free spins. In case you get only two coins instead of three the machine spins again and you have another chance to win the third coin. In case you get more than three coins on the screen, five free spins are awarded, coupled with an additional free spin per additional coin.  What makes Hercules a great game is that during the free spin bonus, all your coin symbols hold their value and function as a wild sticky coin for the remaining spins.

However, the machine doesn’t let you re-trigger a re-spin during the free spin bonus round. Characteristic to all Hot Hot Super Jackpots, the Hot Hot Super Jackpot gets triggered on Hercules when the special Hot Hot Super Jackpot symbol appears on the fifth reel. You get a five reel Gemstone based game that has singular and clumped symbols. If you're wondering what happens when both the Hercules and Hot Hot Super Jackpot bonuses get triggered together, Hercules plays out only after the Hot Hot Super Jackpot.

Payouts on Hercules Slot Machine

The payout table for Hercules is essentially low. The highest symbol will pay you four dollars with a minimum bet and includes the five wilds of the bonus round. In case the bonus triggering combination of three coins come close to reel four or five or even when they get scattered far from each other, the bonus doesn’t payout at all.

Hercules Slots for Android / iOS / Mobile Device

WMS has made the Hercules slot compatible with many slots working on Androids, iPad. With ground breaking graphics and lucrative bonuses, Hercules is one of WMS's most interesting and finest pokies.

A little bit about the Herculean mythology and trivia

Roman mythology speaks of Hercules as the strongest mortal ever. Known for his extraordinary masculinity – strength and courage, Hercules was the most famous of all mythological heroes. The Greeks referred to him by a different name Heracles.

As is with the majority of popular mythological heroes, Hercules had a mortal mother Alcmene and an immortal father, God Zeus. Zeus is said to have seduced Alcmene, disguised as her husband and Hercules was born out of their union. Hercules made his first display of astronomical strength at the age of two when he strangled two serpents sent by Zeus's wife Hera.

Hercules was a constant reminder of Zeus's infidelity and Hera hated baby Hercules so much that she decided to get rid of him by sending two poisonous snakes into his crib. Baby Hercules strangled the snakes – one from each hand before they could bite him. Hera realized killing Hercules wouldn't be possible. He was the strongest mortal ever, in fact he was even stronger than many Gods themselves.

In an attempt to get back at Hercules and Zeus with a strong final blow she sent a fit of madness to Hercules. This was when baby Hercules had grown up into a champion wrestler, married the beautiful Megara and was enjoying a happy family life with her and their two children. Hera's fit of madness worked, Hercules was so enraged he killed his wife and children.

Realizing what he had done, Hercules sought help and redemption from the God Apollo who asked him to perform twelve enormously difficult tasks as punishment for his sins and to cleanse his spirit off the evil. These tasks were exceptionally difficult, but post their completion Hercules went on to have many more dangerous adventures. Pleased by Hercules's strength and courage and his attempt to right the wrongs he had done, Apollo saved him from dying and going to the Hades's Underworld. Eventually, Hercules went on to become a God.

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