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Super 7 Reels Slots

Without beating around the bush, we would be the first ones to tell you that if you are a veteran slot player; you have seen it all in the world of slots and now you wish to move onto greener pastures where there’s more to experience in terms of style and gameplay, you won’t miss much if you stay away from Super 7 Reels.

Re-released in 2014, Super 7 Reels is an old wine in a shiny new packaging. But then again, we would also be the first ones to admit that Merkur has allowed this classic slot game to age quite gracefully, promoting it from its drab avatar of the yore (Lucky 7) to this chic, elegant and immensely fun contemporary rendition.

There’s a Case for History Here, People!

Over the years, slot games have evolved remarkably well. Old timers of slot – the ones who were around when the dotcom bubble burst – often reminisce about how slots used to mimic Atari and arcade video games, at times resorting to blatant copying. The online gaming industry, still in its nascent stages back then, miraculously survived that catastrophe and today turns over billions upon billions of dollars each year, entertaining millions of people.

The reason to annotate this little history note here is to provide a quick background to Super 7 Reels, and its kin. In essence, style and rewards, players of Super 7 Reels won’t be able to help but feel that it’s an extremely generic game that doesn’t really bring much of that ‘X-factor’ to the table, UNTIL they witness the kind of possibilities that the scatter and wild symbols in this deceptive slot can weave into one another to create portals of fortune.

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Super 7 Reels

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First Thing’s First – the Interface

A lot can be said about the interface of Super 7 Reels, as there are quite a few subtle variations in nuances of controls that Merkur has effected – variations that are easy to be overlooked till they are actually needed.

Take the ‘Max Bet’ button, for example. Usual offline slot machines never featured this button, and hence, there was no chance for first generation online slots to carry one. That’s where Super 7 Reels has shown a sign of evolution.

Similarly, other minutiae of gameplay have been well-addressed – from direct help link and SOS email features to money protection policies, paytable rules, payout instructions and a handy calculator with live currency converter, everything that a gamer might ask for has been made available right on the footer of the game screen.

Ripe Cherries or Sour Grapes: What Is It You Fancy?

Keeping it utterly unimaginative (points that we would have given for nostalgia-brewing get nullified by the lack of creativity), Merkur has made it clear that they want to keep the gameplay of Super 7 Reels restricted to bare minimal levels, without resorting to heavy graphics or intertwined storylines, features of many new online slot games. The entire set up of 5 reels and 5 paylines doesn’t evoke the most seminal of spirits, either.

Symbols used here are – no points for guessing – classic fruits (grapes, cherries, jackfruits, so on and so forth) that need to align along any of the active paylines in order for them to mean something to you.

Cashing It Out

Once you make wagers on one or more paylines of your choice, you can safely activate the lever to set the reels into motion of frenzy. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes closed while the reels go through their motions, because the scene in front of you will have the potential to turn your regular night into a memorable one – one that you will later weave many barroom anecdotes about.

The wild symbol here is the bespoke 7 logo of the game, while the scatter symbol is a shining five-armed Star of Fortune. Getting a minimum of three wild symbols in consecutive horizontal slots, in any order, will trigger the jackpot.

Everything said and done, a maximum payout of $10,000 for an all-of-a-kind jackpot should be motivation enough for you to give Super 7 Reels a go, even if it’s just a one-off thing!

7 Heaven?

We love any and every slot that pays fairly, irrespective of its entertainment quotient. And in that spirit, we couldn’t be happier to say that Super 7 Reels makes up in substance what it lacks in style.

If it would take even more convincing for you to sit tight in front of your screen and launch this lightweight slot right away, here’s a nifty checklist of what Super 7 Reels packs in its zipped up interiors:

  • Ease of gameplay
  • Interesting graphics
  • Pleasant symbol imagery
  • Fair odds
  • Multiple payout options
  • Bonus symbols and play time

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