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The Top iPad Casinos Online

An Expert Guide to Playing Real Money Casino Games on your iPad

While tablet computers have existed since at least the early 1990s, they never made up a major part of the market. That changed in 2010, when Apple released the iPad: a product designed to give users as much power as possible in a device that could travel with them as a handheld device. While the iPhone was released first, the iPad was actually in development well before the smartphone line, and when the tablets were released, they sold even better than the already incredibly successful iPhone models. Since then, several generations of tablets have been released by Apple, including some in the Air line, the Mini line, and the iPad Pro.

Given the impressive power and portable nature of these devices, they quickly drew the attention of the online gambling industry. Before long, iPad casinos were an important part of the Internet gaming picture, as players could now enjoy all of their favorite games on the go without giving up much in the way of graphics, sound, or performance. That has made these tablets a popular way to connect to gambling sites to this very day, as almost every operator has a mobile version of their casino available, and virtually all of these are fully compatible with the iPad – and take full advantage of its capabilities.

The best real money online casinos for iPad are listed below. Each one of these has been chosen by our editors who have tried and tested more than 150 different iPad casino sites. The ones below were chosen for:

  • Stellar reputations along with top notch security, privacy and encryption of player data.
  • Hassle free signup process, with the ability to both deposit and withdraw money instantly.
  • Big library of iPad compatible slots and table games from the top software providers in the industry.

Best iPad Casinos for 2019

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Best iPad Casinos for 2019

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Web-Based Gaming in the Palm of Your Hand

Today, there’s no better way to enjoy online casinos than through one of Apple’s amazing iPads. As the most popular tablets in the world, these devices are widely supported throughout the Internet gaming industry, and most sites have gone out of their way to support these products. Mobile gaming is the biggest growth area in the casino industry, and the iPad is right at the top of the list when it comes to playing while on the go.

Of course, it’s not as simple as turning on your tablet and playing real money slots. You’ll need to first connect to one of the many highly regarded sites that offers mobile games. Thankfully, this is rather simple, as most websites use the same methods for delivering their mobile-friendly platforms.

You might expect that the first step would be to head on over to the iTunes Store and download an app from the casino of your choice. Surprisingly, however, this is not the most common way to connect for mobile users. That’s not to say it can’t be done; however, Apple’s rules for their iTunes Store prohibit most Internet gambling providers from offering apps to most of their customers.

The problem here has to do with regulatory and legal issues. Apple policy only allows casino companies to offer real money gambling apps in jurisdictions where they are licensed to offer such games. In some locations, that means that you’ll be able to find plenty of apps. For instance, there are many firms that are licensed and regulated in the United Kingdom, and Apple happily allows those companies to offer real money play through the iTunes store there.

On the other hand, operators who offer games in grey markets – those places where there is no regulation available, but where they still feel safe offering such games – cannot take advantage of the app store. And on Apple products, that more or less means that downloadable programs are out of the question. Sure, a few might sneak in there once in a while, but Apple tends to be pretty good at catching these apps eventually, which means that you can’t count on this as a reliable way to play.

That’s why most of the industry has moved towards using web-based platforms for mobile play. In most cases, you’ll connect to casinos on your iPad through your browser, be that Safari, Chrome, or any of the other major web browsers. There are several advantages for developers, operators, and players that have made this approach common. For one, it makes it way easier to support a wide range of devices: the same site designed for iPads can also handle iPhones, Android devices, and much more. As long as the browser and the basic mobile framework are compatible, then you’re good to go. Secondly, this avoids any regulatory trouble with Apple, as the app store doesn’t get involved in the process at all.

All the Games You Need

One of the other big advantages to these web-based platforms is the fact that they can offer a variety of great games to everyone. In the early days of mobile casinos, apps were basically the only way to play – which meant that every game needed to be ported over to iOS, Android, or any other operating system a developer wanted to support. The result was that few games actually made it on to these apps: the overall selection was rather small, with a few of the most popular slots and a handful of table games usually being the extent of your choices.

Over time, more games would be brought to these platforms, but it was a slow and exhaustive process. The biggest breakthrough came with the release of HTML5, a version of the markup language that allowed for the development of content that could be compatible across many platforms – including mobile systems. Instead of having to port games to every type of device individually, HTML5 allowed creators to make a game once, and have it available simultaneously for all players.

Today, many top developers make all of their new games in HTML5. This means that iPad casinos usually have all of the same games you would find on the instant play versions of the sites you could connect to from your desktop or laptop computer. This includes all of the hottest new slot machines, table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette and craps, video poker and much more.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some times when you may not find a game you’re looking for on your iPad. This is especially true with older games that were made using older frameworks or programming languages, and may never have been ported over to mobile devices. In addition, some developers still do not make their entire collection available for iOS devices. However, the vast majority of games can be played from your tablet, and the situation continues to improve as time goes on.

Bigger Screen, Better Experience

The way you play any game over the Internet will have a big impact on your experience, and the casino industry is no exception to this rule. Go from playing on a high-powered gaming PC to an older model smartphone, and you’ll notice a world of difference in terms of graphics, presentation, and how smoothly your games run.

The iPad falls somewhere between these two extremes, and in a lot of ways, it gives you the best of both worlds. For the most part, the titles that have been ported to mobile casinos will play a lot like they would on a computer, with only some minor tweaks to the screen layout in order to help facilitate the gameplay.

If you’re playing an older game that was ported over in the early days of mobile gambling, then you might see some pretty extreme changes. It was pretty common in previous eras for developers to simplify the graphics, reduce the number of options, remove animations, and do whatever else they could to accomplish their goal: make the game work, and make sure the devices it would run on could handle it. If sacrifices had to be made along the way, that was fine, as long as consumers could play a recognizable version of their favorite games.

But today, this is much less of a problem. As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advances for online gambling companies has been the use of HTML5 to build games in. Now that games are developed for all platforms simultaneously, it means that much more of the original experience translates over to the iPad.

The screen is still smaller when you play on your tablet, so there are still some changes that take place. Just like when you’re browsing a website, you’ll see that information is presented differently: menus will be condensed, and some of the peripheral art elements might just be eliminated for the sake of space. But it’s unlikely that the actual gameplay areas will be impacted much at all. Because the iPad features a sizable screen and enough computing power to run rather complex games, it can easily handle the vast majority of Internet casino games – meaning you’ll play them just as they were designed to be enjoyed.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll never run into a game that reacts differently on your device, though. For iPad users, the most common issue has to do not with the tablet itself, but with the possibility of slow or unreliable Internet connections. Thankfully, most gambling sites are set up to deal with this with options that will allow you to turn down the level of graphics or other features in order to save data. Some even offer a specific “low data” mode that’s designed to deal with connectivity issues, ensuring you’ll be able to stay in the game even if your connection is wavering.

How to Play at an Ipad Casino

So you’ve fired up your iPad, and you’re excited about the potential to play casino games on it. There’s only one question: just how will you get started? Thankfully, the process of setting up an account and getting into real money play is an easy one.

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account at the site you want to play on. If you already have a great site that you enjoy playing at on your computer, then you’re in luck: that same account will also work on your iPad or any other device you want to connect with. If you’re a new player (or you just want to play at one of the many new online casinos), you’ll first have to go through a quick signup process in order to set up your account.

It should only take a few minutes to get you set up. You’ll have to share a small amount of basic information, such as your name and address, in order to get started. Beyond that, you’ll also need a password, and most sites will have you pick a username as well. Once you’re done with that, you’ll have an account that you can use to log into the mobile platform. In most cases, this will also let you play some or all of the games on the platform in a play money mode.

When you want to step up to playing for real money, you’ll need to make a deposit. One thing to keep in mind for this step is that you might want to complete it on a computer. Depending on the operator in question, there may be restrictions on just how much banking you can do from a mobile device; some allow you to do as much banking as you want from your iPad, but only if you first verify each method on a desktop computer first. In fact, many players also like to do the initial sign up on a PC, too: while the iPad isn’t bad at all for navigating menus and typing in your information, it’s possible you might be more comfortable on a “real” computer.

Regardless of exactly how you complete these steps, you’ll have plenty of options for getting money into your account. Depending on where you live and which site you play on, the exact options will vary: there are hundreds of different specific methods available worldwide, some very common and some obscure ones that only work in very specific situations. However, the main types of deposit options break down into the following categories:

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards: There are the standbys for making purchases in both physical and virtual stores just about everywhere in the world, so we doubt you’ll be surprised to know that you can use your cards at online casinos as well. Pretty much every website on the market accepts Visa and MasterCard, and for good reason: neither company has a blanket policy for gambling transactions, leaving it up to each issuing bank to decide how they’ll handle these deposits. Unfortunately, that also means that your results may vary: some cards may not work at some sites, while others may get approved with no problems.
  • Bank Transfers: Sometimes, it makes sense for you to skip all the middlemen and move money straight from your bank to the casino. When you want to do this, you can take advantage of any number of banking options. The most common include e-checks, which are your standard transfers, or wire transfers, which are usually used for faster and larger transactions.
  • E-Wallet Sites: There are a number of different websites out there that are designed to allow you to store funds and then spend them at various places over the Internet. Generally, you’ll link your wallet to a funding source (like a bank account or credit card), after which you can process deposits, withdrawals, and transfers to other people all from the one account. PayPal is probably the most famous of these sites; however it has only limited applications in the gaming world, where Skrill and Neteller are more popular.
  • Prepaid Options: Another popular category of deposit methods involve products you can purchase via the method of your choice, then redeem at online casinos. For instance, there is a popular voucher system known as Ukash, which can be bought at thousands of retail locations, then (through the use of unique pins on each voucher) cashed in at casinos or at other retailers. Another option in this category is the PaySafeCard.

Once again, the options that you can use will depend on the resources you have and the country or jurisdiction you live in. Some products are only offered to users in a handful of countries, while others may be restricted in certain areas to prevent them from being used at gambling sites. Still, most operators are careful to have at least one method available for players no matter where they might live.

Similarly, you’ll usually have a selection of several withdrawal options to choose from when it comes time to cash out your winnings. E-wallets and bank transfers are common offerings, as these can easily be processed in either direction (while getting money back onto your credit card – though sometimes offered – can be a bit trickier). In addition, you can usually have the site send you your winnings by check, with a courier options occasionally offered if you want to speed up that sometimes lengthy process.

A Safe Way to Play

We know that many players have some concerns over the safety of playing for real money on their iPads, or perhaps even playing at online casinos in general. Thankfully, there are no specific security concerns to worry about when playing on a mobile device, other than a general recommendation to not send personal data over unsecured, public wireless connections. But if you’re unsure about the industry as a whole, we’d like to help you understand the measures taken to ensure the security of everything you do while playing.

First, we know there are some concerns over the fairness of the games offered at Internet casinos. All reputable sites are regularly tested by independent labs to ensure that the games are truly random. This ensures that you’re getting a fair experience whenever you play, and that the random number generators working behind the scenes aren’t biased (either against players, or in a way that can be exploited).

Another common concern is over the safety of your personal information. Whenever data is transmitted between you and the casino site, it is done so with state-of-the-art encryption technology designed to safeguard your information to the maximum extent possible. This is also true of your financial transactions, with most trusted sites using the same safety and encryption techniques used by major financial institutions.

The Perfect Device for Mobile Casino Play

If you’ve been wanting to play some of your favorite casino games while on the run, then the iPad is the perfect way to get started. By using a full tablet instead of a smartphone, you’ll find that the experience is much closer to the one you’ve seen on desktop computers. That means minimal sacrifice in terms of presentation, while still having the ability to take your games just about anywhere you like. With your iPad, the complete range of reputable and trusted online casinos is open to you, allowing you to shoot for big jackpots and real money prizes any time you like.

iPad Casino FAQ

Is It Legal to Gamble on the iPad?

For most people, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Even where there are laws that make it illegal to operate real money Internet gambling operations, these laws are normally not targeted at individuals, meaning players aren’t doing anything wrong simply by playing at these sites. In some places, there may even be regulated sites that are licensed and overseen by your local government. For more information, you may wish to seek out the specific Internet gaming laws that apply in your jurisdiction.

Which iPads are Compatible with Online Casinos?

To the best of our knowledge, any of Apple's iPads can be used with Internet casino sites. Of course, your experience will vary based on the model in question: the Mini has a smaller screen, which may mean less graphical detail, and older, obsolete models may not be able to handle all games quite as well as newer, more popular iPads. Still, you should find that your tablet will work well with the vast majority of sites no matter which model it is you’re playing on.

How Can I Connect to Internet Casino Sites?

In most cases, operators will ask you to play on web-based, mobile-compatible sites that can be accessed in your iPad’s browser – essentially the equivalent of the “instant play” sites you might connect to through your computer. Some sites may also offer apps you can download straight to your tablet; however, due to Apple’s rules for the iTunes Store, this option is usually only available in regulated markets.

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