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How to Claim the Best Cashback Bonuses in 2024

What if you could get a refund on some of the money you lose at a casino? That’s exactly what a casino cashback bonus is. Unlike many bonuses, there are usually no wagering turnover requirements with cashback offers.

Cashback bonus deals are very easy to claim. On this page, we show you how to benefit from them, and display the best cashback bonus casinos for your location. Read on to discover how they work, the advantages, and how to claim your next online casino cashback.

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Bonus Type: Cashback


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Bonus Type: Cashback


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How Cashback Bonuses Work

Cashback casino bonuses are given to players at some of the top online casinos. Perhaps the best way to understand them is to think of a cashback bonus as a loyalty reward, such as those given out by airlines, credit cards, or supermarkets.

Most of the time, casinos only return cashback on losses. The bonus is paid as a percentage of any losses made on the games over a certain length of time, which can be daily, weekly, or monthly, or based on loses made on a particular deposit. Customers who lose over the promotional period will be able to claim back a certain percentage of the loss in the form of a casino cashback bonus.

Different casinos will offer different cashback bonus deals, although in general, it will be for a fixed percentage, up to a certain amount. A casino could, for example, return 20% of any losses, up to a maximum of $50. Casino cashback calculations vary from site to site, or from time to time at the same casinos.

Occasionally, Rake Cashback deals are found, where a percentage of all wagers, or deposits, is returned, win or lose. However, this is a far less common form of cashback deal.

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

How to Claim Cashback Bonus Deals

Of course, to benefit from a casino cashback bonus, you need to claim it. While the exact details will vary at different sites, generally, claiming the best cashback bonuses is a pretty easy process.

The following is a step-by-step guide that takes you through each stage of how to get cashback bonus online casino deals:

What are the Benefits of Cashback Bonus Offers?

Cashback casino offers are hugely popular. There are several benefits and little to no downsides. The only negative point is that to qualify, you need to have an overall loss on the games played during the period. Other than this, cashback offers have some clear advantages.

The Terms & Conditions of Cashback Bonuses

It’s easy to claim a casino cashback bonus, and easy to meet any terms and conditions attached to them. There are still just a few terms attached, but these are very lenient and shouldn’t present problems for anyone. The casino will carry the full terms and conditions for any cashback offer, and it’s always best to read them first.

  • Minimum Deposit Levels

    To qualify for an online casino cashback bonus, you will have to make a minimum deposit amount and play that money over a period of time. The casino will make these details very clear. Read them ahead of time so you can ensure that you will be eligible for the cashback once you’ve played through your deposit.

  • Cashback Percentage

    Casino cashback bonuses pay back a fixed percentage of losses. These range from around 10% to 20%, although there can be some variations. You could find the percentage changes depending on the size of the loss. For example, 10% on losses up to $100, and 20% on losses above this. It means that the relative value of the cashback bonus offer can often depend on the size of any loss.

  • Maximum Cashback Amount

    Many cashback bonus offers pay up to a fixed amount, such as $100 per week or so. This can also vary depending on the size of the losses, any VIP level, or other factor, so it’s best to check with the casino to see what’s available. However, players should be aware that cashback values are not limitless and are capped to an amount.

  • Game Contribution

    Usually the casino has rules on how different games contribute towards the casino cashback calculations. For example, the casino may only count losses made on real money slot games. Alternatively, some games may contribute 100% on slots while table games will contribute less. This all depends on the site so make sure to check before you start playing.

  • Wagering Turnover Requirements

    Many casino bonus deals require players to wager the value of the bonus several times over. Generally, that’s not the case with the best cashback bonuses. Once the funds are credited to a players’ account, they can use them to enjoy more games and withdraw any winnings made using the bonus money right away. If there are any turnover requirements, these tend to be very low, such as 1x or 2x.

How we Select the Best Cashback Casino Sites

Our recommended online casinos that we list here each offer you a fantastic cashback bonus deal. Some sites offer cashback as part of their welcome bonus package, and others as a regular promotion for as long as you remain a customer.

The quality of their cashback deals is not the only factor that we consider when selecting the best online casinos to review. Other important points include the following: