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    No Download Slots

    No download slots let you play online slots without the hassles of downloads. There are various kinds of no download slots offered at any given casino. Therefore, your precious time should be spent choosing one to play rather than on downloads and installations.

    The latest developments in Internet technology have made it possible to render a fully featured slots game with everything but the ceremonial lever that originally led to the games being known as the one-armed bandit. Internet and processor speeds are largely to thank for this. A player can see the button, the revolving slots, the points, bonuses, and various statistics, as well as hear the reel sounds without downloading any software and with no compatibility issues brought on by the device or its operating system.

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    What makes no download slots popular?

    No download slots are great for 3G phones, tablets, and older PCs. That is because the drive space on these devices is limited whereas the virtual space, cache or memory is more than enough for slots. No one wants to sacrifice the limited space on their hard drive for a slots theme that may be just a passing phase.

    Incidentally, unlike video games, Video Slots are not memory intensive and tasking on the processor as they contain very light graphics.  This is true of most casino games and that is why no graphics card is required on your computer. Things change, however, when casino games are accompanied by video streaming of a live assistant, although this rarely affects slots as they hardly ever have live dealers.

    Someone may also prefer to play no download Video Slots because their busy schedule does not allow them time to download the casino client. No download slots allow you to hit-and-run without anybody noticing you have been wagering in between office breaks. This is also the only option for terminal PCs where the user has been give limited drive space. There are many instances where workstations have restricted downloads settings, therefore no download slots are often the best solution.

    Playing no download slots is discreet and convenient leaving no tell tale icons on your PC. It makes the best use of your Internet plan and browser features. Therefore to play your favourite no download slots, you simply need a reliable internet connection and a flash enabled browser or one that allows Java script. These are free plug-ins often provided by casino websites.

    Free Play No Download Slots

    No download slots are often the option given to non-registered users to play free games. Players who are from regions that do not fall under gambling jurisdictions are also usually left with this option. New players from accepted regions may still wish to try out the free slot games to see how they like them.

    Some websites will only allow free slots to registered members while others will give a defined trial period or amount of starting bonus. When the starting bonus is exhausted, you can no longer play for free in those sites.
    No download slots cannot be found in app stores and are thus only associated with casino websites and social networks. In many cases they are shared in social media as free-to-play slots.

    Real Money No Download Slots

    No download slots for real money usually have the lowest first deposit limits of any casino game. This is ironic because their jackpots can be the highest, especially in casinos that support progressive slots. Every now and then, the newest winners are announced on the gaming websites and their names are pinned alongside the amounts won on a virtual notice board. All real money players are put in the same pot regardless of whether they accessed the games though the download casino or the no download casino.

    When playing no download slots, an online cashier dialogue is presented and wagers are transmitted in real time. The player can only start playing after placing the minimum deposit with the online casino. Credit cards and online payment processors are used to wager and to cash out. Traditional methods of payments such as checks and wiring money may also be used. The player can continue wagering using bonuses and accumulated loyalty points. It therefore pays to settle on a few no download slots that you will play for the long run.

    Java and Flash Slots Facts

    Fact: Technically speaking, no download slots are made possible by use of Java scripts or Flash media. The magical graphics seen on the screen while browsing is all thanks to advanced Java programming or customized Flash media templates. It is the same concept used to make the pop ups that seek the attention of the user while browsing. But in this case, Video Slots are embedded in the web pages. 

    Fact: Java and Flash have enriched the Internet experience found in most websites but they are fundamentally different. Java applets call for original development so playing Java-based Slots will always be a unique experience. On the other hand, Flash-based slots are frequently a result of a developer working on a template. For that reason, its not a surprise to find slots that are strikingly similar in affiliate casinos. On the same note, it should be pointed out that Java applets use the computer resources better, causing less hang time.

    Fact: Looking at this from a different angle, Java is a platform by Sun Microsystems while Flash is a product by Adobe. They have had resounding success in website applications. Both Java and Flash are good for standard browsers and therefore help to bypass the issue of platform compatibility. iPad, Linux, Windows, and Mac can all support no download slots over their browsers. This was also true for Android until recently when Flash media was dropped for the HTML5 feature.

    Fact: Apparently, HTML is very efficient on computer resources when playing games and videos as compared to Flash. This has frustrated no download slots players though, because their favourite websites have not upgraded to HTML5. An intermediary solution has thus been found whereby third party software enables players to resume using Flash media on their browsers.