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Las Vegas Slots Give Away Huge Prizes in November

Monday, December 9th, 2013 Las Vegas Slots Give Away Huge Prizes in November

It has been less than a month since the Nevada Gaming Board approved the multi-state slots jackpots, and casinos are already giving away huge amounts for jackpots that their slot-playing guests have hit. While it is true that players have won several millions in jackpots, it is not through multi-state slots jackpots. November saw a handful of lucky people winning big cash prizes, the highest being close to 12 million dollars. That’s right. Even before the concept of multi-state jackpots has been implemented, Las Vegas casinos can offer jackpots running into millions of dollars. Here is more detail about the jackpots won in the past month.

MGM Grand Gives Away Millions through IGT’s Megabucks Jackpot

Earlier in November, a player stopped to have fun at the MGM Grand and walked out a multimillionaire. It wasn’t all luck that helped the unnamed player take home an amount of 12.46 million. It was also his prudent choice of playing on the Megabucks slot machines developed by IGT. The slot machine paid out such a huge amount for it was a part of the progressive slot system of Nevada State. If a single state jackpot can go as high as 12 million, imagine how much a player stands to win if the multi-state jackpots become reality! The amount one can get to take home could be really staggering.

IGT’s 24th Millionaire

It is not the first time that someone playing at an IGT machine in Las Vegas has won millions. The slot machine and online game developer’s slot machines has created 24 millionaires so far and that too only in this year. The Megabucks slot machines, which offer grand prizes, have been at work for over 25 years and the wide area progressive slot machines have given away more than $1 billion dollars in Megabucks jackpots, of which more than 800 million were given away at casinos in Nevada alone.

Silver Legacy Casino Guest Wins Big

Other casinos have also been giving away impressive sums as jackpots to their lucky guests. Recently, Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno also gave away several thousands, if not millions, of dollars as jackpot prizes. The highest jackpot of $100,000 was won by a regular player from San Francisco after he got the Royal Flush on a GameKing series of slot machines. Then there was this lucky lady who bagged over $22,000 at the Pai Gow table, and was smart to step away from it after collecting her winnings. Two other players Gina H and Michael L had also won jackpots amounting to $20,250 and $16,376 respectively. Faye W from California also got lucky as she hit the jackpot playing Double Lucky 7 at the casino.

IGT and Bally Get Approval for Multi-State Progressives

IGT, along with Bally Technologies, is gearing up to offer multi-state slots jackpots to casino goers in Las Vegas. With this approval, the two companies will enable casinos in Vegas to offer life-changing sums as jackpot prizes. Soon, the gaming companies will be introducing their multi-state progressive slots machines in some of the top casinos in the state, but then, they also need to get approval for the same from other states where the casino networks operate. Till now IGTs Megabucks slots have been linked to similar slots on their network casinos within the state. And now, slots like Lucky 7 etc which have wide area progressives could soon be linked to the Lucky 7 slots in another casino in states like New Hersey, Delaware, and California etc. The higher the number of people playing on these lined slots, the higher the jackpot amount would be.

New Jackpot winners

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