5 Weirdest Online Slot Machines

Bible Slots online slot machine graphics

Ever heard the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as a new idea’? Well, just tell that to the people who invented these strange slot games.

From real-life criminal mugshots to sticking Jesus on the reels, these are the world’s weirdest slot machine games. Let’s begin the top five countdown all the way to number one.

5. Obama Slots

Obama’s election slogan was ‘yes we can’, and it seems like the makers of this game really took that sentiment to heart.

Much like the coolest president ever, these game developers believed nothing was impossible – even a slot game based on the historic election of the USA’s first-ever black president, called Obama Slots.

obama slots online game reels
Image: apkpure.com

Don’t worry though, it’s not as if this novelty slot machine is disrespectful in any way. There are heaps of letter symbols set on top of a waving American flag, so technically the game is actually extremely patriotic.

Other symbols in the Obama Slots game include past presidents and famous first ladies. Among these are Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and JFK.

If only JFK knew how he’s lived on in the mind of the nation…

4. Village People

village people slot machine logo
Image: youtube.com

Sure, the Village People are easily one of the tackiest bands in the world. Just remembering the tune to YMCA is enough to send chills down the spine of any decent music lover. But that wasn’t enough to stop some smug ‘ideas man’ in Vegas from creating the Village People slots game.

The Macho Man bonus round is something that really has to be seen to be believed. It involves mini band members gyrating to the group’s 3 big hit songs, while you pop bubbles above their heads.

There is nothing subtle about this game. All we can say is, play it at your own risk. And maybe take some sunglasses and earplugs with you to the casino, in case you accidentally land up playing this extravaganza of kitsch.

3. Forbidden Slot

forbidden online slot reels showing horses and women
Image: spinomenal.com

This game has stunning supersize artwork, but to be honest, nobody is playing it for the beautifully drawn rose symbols. Oh no, they’re playing it for the hot lesbian-kissing action.

Forbidden Slot (yes, that really is its innuendo-heavy name) uses the backstory of a female angel and a female demon falling in love as a very thinly veiled excuse for lusty symbols. These include kissing ladies dressed in revealing leather outfits and close-ups of their legs, breasts, and lips.

forbidden online slot reels showing various game symbols
Image: spinomenal.com

The other symbols range from ones that are suggestive of the female private parts, like opening roses and erotically shaped gems, to romantic candles.

And there’s a couple of horses thrown in too. Don’t ask why.

2. Bible Slots

Bible slot machine reels announcing a big win
Image: apkpure.com

Remember that bit in the Bible where Jesus heads down to his local casino and bets a few ancient coins on his favorite slot machine? Of course you don’t, because it doesn’t exist.

What does exist is Bible Slots – the biblically themed slots game.

Naturally, Jesus was pretty anti-gambling, much like almost every other leading religious figure. That’s why a slot machine that combines gambling and religion is so weird.

bible slot machine reel with biblical symbols
Image: apkpure.com

For Christians, a slot machine is basically just a sin machine, damning them to eternal hellfire. That said, maybe the chance to get rich before ultimately meeting the devil after death is worth it, because Bible Slots is popular both online and in Las Vegas.

Symbols-wise, you can expect to see important holy numbers and letters and the main Bible characters like Jesus, Judas, Joseph, and Mary.

Make it to the bonus round and you’ll get to pick cash prizes in the Noah’s Ark, End of Days, and Adam & Eve bonus games.

1. Slot Detective

Japan is known for producing some of the weirdest things in the world. Think game shows where players roll around in a dark room full of mousetraps or vending machines that sell fresh lettuce and canned bread. But sometimes out of the weirdness comes something that is so strange, it’s actually a good idea.

Take the Slot Detective game, for example. Here, the usual fruits, numbers, and character symbols on a slot machine are replaced with mugshots of the nation’s most wanted criminals.

Slot Detective online game reels with photos of wanted criminals
Image: trendhunter.com

The head of the company that created the game, Famista, says “There are many internet sites that display photos of those on the wanted list, but they are not necessarily visited frequently. By mixing it with entertainment, we thought we can make some contribution to the police efforts.”

The Japanese police force apparently called the game “inappropriate”, but they can’t have been that serious because Slot Detective was never banned. Instead of winning money, players reveal the crimes of each criminal when they match the symbols across the reels. There’s also information on any reward money, and how to contact the police if you think you’ve spotted any of the criminals in real life.