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    Few online casino game developers can trace their origins back further than one or two decades. But at WMS, the story of how the company became a major part of the gaming industry goes all the way back to the closing years of World War II. While they have gone through a number of different eras in the company’s history, they have been creating games since the 1970s, and gambling machines since the 1990s. This has made them one of the most well-respected developers for resorts around the world, not to mention a popular creator of games for online gaming sites.


    WMS is a descendent of the Williams Manufacturing Company, a firm that dates back to 1943. However, the operations directly tied to the group that now makes online gambling games dates back to 1974, when Williams Electronics was born. That firm made a number of video games starting in the 1970s with clones of games like Pong. However, they would soon start to create their own games that are now known as classics: titles like Defender, Joust, and Moon Patrol are still beloved today by gamers who remember the golden age of arcade gaming. Later, Williams would move into creating pinball machines, though they created some of the most popular arcade games of the 1990s as well, including NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat.

    But by the middle of that decade, Williams had begun to experiment in the slot machine manufacturing business. In 1996, they created Reel ‘em In, one of the first video slots to include additional secondary bonus rounds. By the year 2000, they were completely focused on creating slots rather than entertainment games, and many of their properties were being used in their gambling operations instead.

    Over the years, they would become known for creating games based on major franchises like Monopoly, Men in Black, Top Gun, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek. These games became the backbone of their operation, and even their online gaming portfolio now contains many licensed properties.

    A major turning point came in 2013, when WMS merged with Scientific Games. As a result, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Games, but they remain a major supplier for both the land-based and Internet gambling markets, producing both video slots and mechanical machines, with many of their games being targeted at a somewhat younger audience than that of a typical slots provider.

    Note: There are currently no WMS casinos available to players from your location.

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    WMS features a fairly good mix between original games and machines that are based on existing properties. While the graphics and features may not seem particularly noteworthy at first, it’s easy to see that this developer has a background in the video game market. Their games feature slick interfaces that allow players to get the information they need and customize the display quickly, all while featuring very clean visuals that make it easy to follow all of the action. The company has also created games with plenty of innovative features, such as machines that host multiple reel layouts at the same time.

    These aspects of the collection are easily seen in their slot offerings. They offer a ton of licensed slots, many of which have interesting features that should give even casino veterans something new to try. Here’s a look at some of the most popular slots titles you’ll find at sites offering games from this company:

    • Bruce Lee: Dragon’s Tale
    • Black Knight 2
    • Crystal Forest
    • Ferris Bueller
    • Elvis: The King Lives
    • KISS
    • OMG! Kittens
    • Star Trek: Red Alert
    • Super Monopoly Money
    • The Wizard of Oz

    WMS is also known for their extensive video poker selection, which is handled through their “My Poker” line of machines. Games including Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and several other popular variants. Table games like roulette can also be found at casinos offering this software, though they are often paired with other companies that have more extensive options in this area.


    Typically, WMS games are provided via instant play software, meaning that you will not be required to download any software onto your computer in order to play these games. If you are playing at a casino site that uses this software as a part or all of its operation, you’ll only need to log into their website to play. This makes it easy for Mac or Linux users to play these games; of course, as always, Windows users will have no problem accessing this software. In recent years, the company has also worked hard on bringing more of their games to mobile devices, and you can now play a wide variety of titles on smartphones and tablets as well.

    More About the Company

    Since being acquired by Scientific Games, WMS has become a mainstay at a number of the biggest conferences and trade shows in the industry. Typically, Scientific will display the games of their many brands together, meaning you’ll see new Williams products placed alongside those from Bally and Shuffle Master. It’s a situation that often sees these games front and center, highlighted for both land-based and online operators to take a look at.

    If there’s a downside of the fact that this developer is part of a publically-traded corporation (Scientific Games is traded on the NASDAQ market), it is that they are not usually present in grey markets where the regulatory situation is unclear. That means that in most of the United States, for instance, these games are not available. However, it’s worth noting that even in the USA, they are a major player in the regulated New Jersey Internet casino market, and the American land-based market is one of the biggest parts of their overall operations.

    Overall Reputation

    WMS is a brand that has developed a very strong reputation throughout the gaming industry. Given their long history of service, ranging from video games to gambling products, it’s easy to see why so many operators (both brick-and-mortar and on the Internet) would be quick to add this group’s games to their lineup.

    That having been said, Williams is still not one of the largest online gaming suppliers out there: they are best known for the games they have developed for land-based resorts. Still, their games are a welcome addition to any online casino, and their collection is often underrated by players who are not as familiar with their games when compared to other major suppliers.

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