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Nuts Commander Slot Machine

Nuts Commander is basically what would result if Conker’s Bad Fur Day were transformed into a video slots game, albeit with a little less raunchy humour. The game’s child-like charm, bright colour palette, and cast of wacky characters makes the game immediately endearing to anybody who stumbles across it. The people at Spinomenal were clearly looking to make something cute and entertaining all at the same time, and it looks like Nuts Commander will fill that role nicely.

Visually it looks great and is likely to impress, but how does Nuts Commander play?

Another ‘Bad Fur Day’

A lot of people enjoy various forms of media that showcase anthropomorphised animals. From ancient cave drawings to modern-day cartoons and video games, we’ve always shown a predilection towards animals that walk and talk just like us. In fact, Disney built its entire empire on just that very thing. So naturally, making an online video slots game that features a bunch of goofy squirrels engaged in wacky hijinks seems like a logical choice.

Nuts Commander really plays up the whole “woodland creatures” theme, as the game’s layout is designed to look like the inside of one of those trees that a Keebler elf would inhabit. To the right is a squirrel decked out in military gear, so you know he means business.

The reels themselves boast a bevy of squirrels and a variety of weapons they might use, including wooden katanas and golden acorn catapults. The interface down below is laid out intuitively and cleanly, and the graphics and sound are as crisp and clean as one could hope from a well-known video slots company like Spinomenal.

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Nuts Commander

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Locked And Loaded

From a functional standpoint, Nuts Commander contains the typical features seen in your average video slots game. Nuts Commander possesses a commanding 100-paylines, which is great for scoring lots of wins really fast. The game utilises a standard 5x3 reel setup, with the option to change your coin denomination using the +/- keys (ranging from 0.1 to 10 units of currency). Towards the right you have the option to access the game’s help screen (including a full pay table and all winning combinations of symbols), the auto-spin button, and a fast play button that makes all the reels stop at once rather than spin one at a time. The top-right button controls the volume and sound effects. When you’re ready to spin, click the big pink spin button. There are also wild symbols in play, so you can rack up those wins.

Shoot To Thrill

As previously stated, the game’s 100 paylines give you an enormous number of opportunities to score major wins. Coupled with the wild symbol and the chance to earn free spins, clearly you can score some serious prizes. The max coin size of 10 units of currency means that you can bet as much as 1,000 coins in a single spin. This makes this game perfect for the high rollers out there. The only drawback of Nuts Commander is that there is no progressive jackpot in-play.

Further compounding your win potential is the ability for character symbols to turn into wild version of themselves. You just have to land them in the bottom-rightmost slot on the reels to get that extra wild symbol. Get more than one wild symbol in a reel and you’ll multiply your winnings up to 4x of the original winning amount. Triggering free spins also gives you a 3x bonus to your base winnings. Furthermore, if you get at least three “bonus” symbols you will trigger the bonus game, which gives you the chance to play what is effectively equal to a shoot ‘em up. You have to shoot down supply drops before they land into the river to secure victory. Depending on how many you hit you can potentially multiply your winnings by quite a bit. It’s a fun skill-based mini-game that takes the chance element out of things a bit.

Ready Your Weapons

Well, after playing this game for myself I think this game is a winner for certain. Brightly coloured, cute, well designed, and possessing huge earning potential, Nuts Commander has something for everybody. The bonus game in particular is really cool, and the skill-based nature of it gives you the chance to actually earn those coins rather than just hoping that the reels align the way you want them to.

Nuts Commander won’t just appeal to the kid inside all of us; it will also appeal to the hardcore gamblers who are looking for big risk and even bigger rewards. If you haven’t played Nuts Commander yet, go to your favourite online casino and change that fact now, as this game is well worth your time.

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