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Egyptian Cobra Slot Machine

In an unusual twist of events, you’ll be wanting to find a cobra in your bed and about your person, thanks to the strange allure of Egyptian Cobra. This entire title is based around a specific species of cobra that is found in Africa, a snake that is known for its size and striking coloured spots upon its body. 

Snakes and Egypt go together for a lot of us. This is because of the story of Cleopatra, one of the most infamous Egyptians who lived, having been killed by a snake bite. Although the story has been proclaimed as false, the imagery and association lingers all the same. It’s probably part of the reason why 777igt designed the game in the first place, taking inspiration from this fictitious historical event. 

True or not, the contents of this particular tale are very real. There are several bonuses to be obtained, and that’s without including the large progressive jackpot that is part of every slot machine from the brand. 

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Egyptian Cobra

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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How to Play

If you’ve never played a slot machine before, having only played demos for their comfort and lack volatility, playing with real money is going to feel very alien to you. Although there’s more risk with a play for real activity, actually placing the bet tends to be hassle free, and more often than not it’s cheap. 

Egyptian Cobra has a low pay-in of 0.01 credits, which roughly works out as 0.01 per winline, of which there are 100. If you increase this bet further, placing 1 credit on every line, then your final stake will be a lot more impressive, coming in at €100. 

The reason for the steep incline in money is because of the number of winlines. This title has many, more than is commonly seen, which makes it seem nerve-racking. Don’t let the high volume put you off, they’re actually a good sign as you’re going to experience more wins, statistically speaking. 

Another part of the slot machine experience that can fill players with dread are the automatic rounds, often because people misunderstand their purpose. Autospins can make slots much easier, and prevents the niggling ache of repetitive strain, meaning you end up with a more enjoyable outcome. It’s true that they’re not for everyone, but more gamers use them than not; you can always test the feature out and stop it if you dislike the hands off approach. 


All 777igt games have full paytables, with Egyptian Cobra being a fabulous case in point: there are 15 different tiles in total, all of them doing different things, sometimes offering multiple prizes as opposed to just one. Even though getting any combination will do, it’s the special tiles that make the game all the more enthralling. 

The best part of this game is the bonus round, as it takes you away from the mundane grid and injects some new life into the theme, which in turns compels you to keep on playing. What is more, you can win quite a bit of money in this section, if you’re successful enough. Sometimes though, when luck isn’t favouring you, you don’t ever manage to trigger the bonus round, and so the free spins become all the more valuable. 

They can appear anywhere upon the grid, with the potential to gift as many as 15 rounds, although it’s more likely you’ll bag yourself between 5 and 10 instead. This is because finding three or four of a kind is much easier than finding five. 

Cobra’s Bite

Egyptian Cobra isn’t about to change your life, and it’s highly doubtful it’s going to change your bank account or make you rich; there’s a slim chance that all of that could happen, but it rarely ever does. No, this slot machine is one of those posers, that offers a lot but delivers very little, and so it’s lost in a sea of higher quality games. 

Nowadays there are so many good looking titles out there, a lot of them now having numerous special features included, which make this activity look like a poor cousin. We’re pleased we’ve played it and seen its offers for ourselves, but we wouldn’t bother with it again. There’s just no personality there to engage with.

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