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Gold Rush Slot Machine

Before you go getting excited about this slot machine being inundated with gold, it’s time we gave you a brief but important history lesson. Trust us when we say it’ll make understanding the 5-reels of this activity much easier.

The term ‘gold rush’ actually refers to a movement that began way back in 19th century America, specifically California and the surrounding area. It happened when lots of people, experienced in mining or not, would literally rush to a newly discovered location to mine as much gold as possible. A lot of the time experiencing little success. 

Fear not though, for Gold Rush from 777igt has plenty of gold to give away, but only to those fortunate enough to obtain it. You could place a huge stake on the 100 winlines and get few returns, or bet the smallest of wagers and walk away with the progressive jackpot. You just don’t know what’ll happen once you start digging down into the earth. 

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Gold Rush

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Gold Fingers

Gardeners have green thumbs but miners have gold fingers, even more so when they’re working away in caverns such as the one you’ve discovered here. My oh my, it’s quite the find – this could make a lot of other miners jealous, so lay claim to as much of the gold inside as you can before the vultures swoop in to steal it all away. 

Someone has been kind enough to leave torches lit down here for you, making your descent a more pleasant experience; instead of rattling around in the dark you can clearly see what you’re doing. This will make keeping track of all those combinations a lot easier on your eyes, eyes that have seen too many dreams dashed by the fragility of the 3x5 grid. 

There’s quite the expanse of networked caves down here, almost as if another civilization was here before you… which might explain why some of the coins look so refined and well preserved. No matter, it’s yours for the taking now. 

Gold in Your Eyes

You won’t have to worry about seeing stars down here, because you’ll probably go blind from all that yellow metal, with most of the paytable covered in a coating of the transitional material. Gold Rush is one of the rare occasions when having a series of plain card values is acceptable, their gold forms more than in-keeping with the general undertone of the game. Out of all of the paying tiles, the 10 and J are the lowest with their x10 and x50 offerings, while the A has the potential to award x100. 

Also covered in gold (who’d have thought it), are the trio of jackpots found among the reels of the base game; they take the form of bars of gold, bags of gold, and piles of gold. Basically we can’t type the word gold enough to convey how much of it there is to find. Although all of the jackpots are staggering to behold, it’s the Mega Jackpot that steals the limelight, with a value of over €90,000. 

Gold Digger

We tried so hard, unbelievably so, to try and trigger the bonus round, for we always like delivering the most accurate of information to you, but sadly it wasn’t to be. It looks like Gold Rush didn’t want us to take a peek at its mini level, and so we’ll have to let you activate it for yourselves. Judging by the rest of the game, the round should be one that is filled with a lot of intricate details, or that’s what we hope anyway. 

Heart of Gold

Some people have hearts as big as frying pans, other have some that are made of glass, but in Gold Rush you have a heart of pure gold. Probably because of that gold dust you’ve be ingesting, but nevermind, gold is gold at the end of the day. 

This is one of those times when every aspect of the slot has come together to create a well balanced title, one that looks good, sounds great, and has various extras that’ll keep the fires of interest burning. It’s a no brainer that this is a solid gaming experience from the 777igt brand.

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