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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Rome Slot

Many slot machines are inspired by ancient civilizations, largely as it’s something that always seems to be in vogue. By now most slot players have uncovered just about every secret hidden by the Mayans and the Chinese thanks to these slot machines. 

777igt decided to change things up a little by creating a slot machine based on Ancient Rome. Rome is a slot machine that gives a great blend of history and slots action that you won’t soon forget. Let’s take a closer look at this game and see how well it stacks up to the competition, along with how it grades on a curve against 777igt releases. 

Standing with Pride

Rome has fitting symbols and a great interface that 777igt is understandably proud of. The background of the slot machine is kept pretty simple and displays a scene of Roman warriors. The reels are where things get a little different. 

The reels are designed to look like a beautiful mosaic and it comes across on screen as very well detailed. 777igt used some of the classic elements to put together a deeper universe when they created Rome, and it shows in the sheer visual appeal of the game. 

Executed with Military Precision

Rome works just like a classic slot machine and comes with simple to understand rules that enable you to pick up and play it in an instance. The game is your standard 5-reel, 3-row affair for the most part. 

You can control your bet per line freely here and can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to adjust it, along with the amount of activated paylines. 

Prizes are won by lining up matching symbols along one of the active paylines. The size of your prize depends on which symbol line up and how much money you wagered. If you want to win a little extra when playing Rome then you will have to put a little extra in. 

Swords and Shields at the Ready

Any prizes you win are automatically added to the credit amount displayed at the top right hand side of the game screen. If you’d like to make the maximum bet and spin the reels automatically then just press the “Bet Max” button. 

If you’d like to spin the reels automatically without having to make the biggest bet, then you can use the “Autoplay” function to spin the reels using your current bet. This way you can sit back and focus on winning, with no need to worry about making your bet or spinning the reels manually. “Autoplay” mode means that Rome takes care of all of this for you. 

Powered by All Things Wild

Rome contains some bonus symbols that can reward you with a little more than just money. There is a wild symbol in Rome that can replace any other basic symbol to complete a winning combination. As nice as a wild feature is, 777igt made it a little too rare here. 

When in Rome

There is also the Rome scatter symbol. This symbol can reward you with a prize no matter where it shows up and it also awards free spins. These free spins use your current bet but, obviously, don’t actually cost any money to you. It really is a win-win scenario with the free spins in Rome. 

Triple Helping of Handouts

Jackpots wise, Rome is a triple hitter in the sense that it makes three different prize payouts available. Through this means players of all skill levels will have something worth playing for here. Arguably the jackpots could be a touch bigger, but no player can argue against a triple helping of coins. 

Rule the World with Rome!

Rome is a great slot machine that pulls you back in time to the golden age of the Roman Empire. Rome has all the hallmarks of a great slot machine, with well-made graphics and bonuses to give you a little bit extra. It’s a shame there’s no progressive jackpot, but there’s still more than enough to enjoy about this particular 777igt release. 

If you see Rome the next time you visit your favourite online casino then give it a spin, odds are you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

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