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For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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If you even need to ask what FIFA is or what it means, this is the wrong place for you to be. This slot machine is all about one of the most renowned organisations within the footballing world, the International Federation of Association Football. The group is in charge of hosting some of the most impressive sporting spectacles this world has ever seen, and so above all else FIFA the slot machine calls for your respect. 

Think of this 5 reels and 25 betlines activity as the highlights of the entire history of the institution and the matches that have been played under it. You’ll undoubtedly recognise many of the teams, and even some of the players depicted here, but even if you don’t you’ll still be able to appreciate the grandeur of the slot. 

Although anyone can technically play this game, only those versed in football are going to be able to unlock its true potential, which is why we’d refer to this title as a niche game; one designed for a minority. 


You’re one of those players that can do it all, inspiring the rest of the lads and influencing the match at either end of the pitch, a feat not easily done. What this means when playing FIFA is that you can score many of the features, no matter your bet amount. 

Sometimes slot machines will alter the payout figures to keep them inline with the amount you’ve punted, but that isn’t what happens during this match. Instead you get the same wins across the board, no matter what type of player you are, attack or defense. If you’re more of an attacker, taking everyone head on, then the maximum wager is probably more your scene, its €50 costing you nothing to play. However if you’re a defender, one that airs on the side of caution, then the beginners stake of €0.50 will be better suited to you. 

The same analogy can be applied when changing the volume of paylines, if you bother to alter them at all; 50 sounds like a lot to deal with, but given a couple of spins you’ll realise that the amount is easy to handle. It’s actually much harder to play with less than it is more, especially when it comes to getting yourself one of the numerousbonuses, such as the scatter. 

Boy Wonder

Lightning on your feet and quick with your reflexes, there is no stopping you when you get in front of the crowd, which is probably why you’re so keen to impress as many spectators as possible. Fans love seeing a performance, so put your best self forward. 

Due to the dynamics of FIFA, it can be hard to secure the more challenging rewards, the ones that demand very specific amounts and locations, but that shouldn’t present too much of a problem for you. You’ll only ever need between three and five of the scatter to get up to x100 multiplier. The free spins and bonus symbols work in a similar way, only you get up to 15 games with the former and one generic outcome with the latter. 

Taking the Trophy Home

Which cup will you raise above your head and present to your fans: will it be the Minor Jackpot, a middling sum of money that is worth €51,928? Or will you only ever get the mini payout and walk away with €31,285? One thing you can be sure of, if you manage to get the Mega Jackpot, you’ll be running around the pitch €93,856 richer. 

Any of these can appear at random, adding to the anticipation, however five of a kind will be needed of each symbol for the corresponding bonus to activate. 

Who’s the Best in the World?

You are! That’s right, you’ve played under FIFA and have won more than expected, walking away better off than when you started. Even those of you that flailed during both halves will probably have made enough money back to call the game a success. 

FIFA is a brilliant slot machine, one borne of passion and created with wide knowledge of the sport, making it one of the best ways for a fan of footie to express their love.

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