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Silent Samurai

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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Silent Samurai Slots

Developers these days seem to be looking far and wide in an attempt to gain inspiration, largely as it is by no means easy to come by these days. In the case of 777igt, they have looked to the Far East, specifically to the way of the Samurai. 

Now you will have seen countless Japanese/Samurai theme games before, but it appears that with Silent Samurai this developer has taken things in a new direction. The graphics are somewhat stripped back, and so are the features quite frankly, with that actually contributing to the charm of this game. 

Silent Samurai has arrived with pretty much zero fanfare in tow, with it being a pretty hard game to locate for that matter. But don’t let its illusiveness deter you, as from what we have seen, in spite of its very clear misgivings; this game is well worth trying. 

Taking a Vow of Silence

It was touched on briefly during the introduction of this review, but it bears addressing in further detail, as the theme really is the major hook of Silent Samurai. 

What the game works to do is throw players back to a time of Ancient Japanese wonder. Amidst the backdrop you’ll find a selection of monks temples, which are set up against the sky at dusk. The actual reels are crafted out of bamboo, with such being a nice touch that adds to the overall aesthetic of the game. 

The style and design of Silent Samurai really does deserve lauding, as it proves to be some of 777igt’s finest work to date.

A Warrior’s Weapon of Choice

Keeping up the theme and giving it an additional oomph are the symbols used, with some of them having been expertly crafted. The usual low value symbols have been completely redesigned from the ground up, with such being boarded in gold. 

Adding to that, the game also features a selection of Samurai “characters”. These symbols are driven by detail and look absolutely fantastic on screen. Don’t take that statement as a throwaway remark either; as in terms of reel symbol design Silent Samurai is seemingly a cut above the rest. 

Sharpening Your Blade

You can play this game as easy as samurai can swing a blade, as 777igt have unleashed there commonly used and easy to understand control setup. Across the top of the page you’ll find the usual jackpot tickers, which display how much you can win when you spin Silent Samurai’s reels. 

Smattered across the bottom of the game, directly under the reels, is a selection of buttons. These buttons are what is going to lead you to untold glory here, so use them wisely and massive payout may just end up heading your way. 

Collecting the Bounty

Player after player will attest to the fact 777igt knows how to setup a jackpot structure, as they attempt to cater to various audiences. Depending on how much you wager, you can access either the ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’, or ‘Major’ jackpot. 

Each of these jackpots differs in size by thousands of coins, which means that there is plenty to play for within Silent Samurai. There are bigger jackpots out there, but few are as evenly spread as what is found within this game. 

Missing the Mark

Silent Samurai swipes and strikes across the board, except when it comes to extras, as it falls drastically short in this department. It pops up with a few standard features like wilds and free spins, but there is very little else to shout about, which is bitterly disappointing. 

No mini-games, side-games, second screen games, or anything else – these being extras that Silent Samurai could certainly do with. 

Follow the Way of the Silent Samurai!

No 777igt game has been able to rub shoulder to shoulder with the biggest names in the industry as of yet, but with games like Silent Samurai its clear that the developer is edging ever closer to that level. For starters, they have really nailed the theme here, with the graphics being immersive and the sound only working to compliment what’s on screen. 

What lets this game down are its bonus features, as it’s a lacklustre selection of half-baked extras at best. In spite

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