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Football Slots

777igt always seem to do their slots in pairs or more, often with one substantially better than the other; Football is their improved version of FIFA. 

Their seasoned slot machine had already garnered interest from fans, but this one is sure to go several steps further thanks to its high definition graphics and immersive atmosphere. In the older title you was aware of the parameters of the game, but with Football you can lose yourself inside the 5-reels and 25 paylines. 

What starts off with a ball flying at your face and cracking the screen ends up being an intense match all the way through, the roar of the crowds drowned out by the upbeat tempo of the soundtrack. This feels like a big player, a title that’s guaranteed to be enjoyable no matter how many times you play it. 

If you want to put Football through its pace and test out its durability, why not play the demo alongside this guide, using the two to truly get to grips with every inch of the title. Then you can play with real money with confidence and fully at ease. 

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A Packed Arena

Football can be enjoyed wherever you are, no matter the conditions, but there’s nothing like watching a big stadium match go down, either from the stalls or from the comfort of your own home. Just something about it stirs emotions deep inside us and has just whooping and crying in equal measure. When people call it the ‘beautiful game’, they’re not half wrong. 

Inside the setting of this title, there’s clearly a historic match taking place, with every seat filled with fans from both teams; this is a game that will change the sporting world. Although there’s a lot to look at upon the reels, it’s the football that keeps bouncing around that draws our attention. Honestly, as nice a finishing touch as it is, it distracts you from the game. 

What a Chance!

Here you have the opportunity to make something incredible happen, one of those elusive moments when something really can come out of nothing, or say about 0.01 credits. That’s how little it costs to play each of the winlines, with the final sum no greater than 0.25. And while you can go larger and up the ante of your wager to 50 credits, there’s no need to do this in order for you to enjoy the rest of the game. 

Then you have the betlines widget – this is where you can really individualise your experience, making it more challenging or easier depending on whether you increase or decrease the number of lines. Even though a reduction can be made, all players have to start with at least 5 winlines. 

If you ever want to call time on the endless fiddling about with your mouse, you can jump onto the autospins bandwagon and let Football’s software take over for the remainder. Players will always be able to terminate the feature whenever they want, which makes the inclusion of the option all the more handy. When you happen to be playing a particularly long slot machine round, this widget will become invaluable to you. 

Fans Favourite

There’s many parts to the sport that we enjoy differently, but when it comes to the slot machine Football, the part everyone loves often remains the same: the jackpot. There are three different tiers to it, with the final amount worth €94,018 (at the time of writing), an incredible sum of money that very few games can top. If you’re into big wins, this is probably the biggest around. 

Should you miss out on the top spot, don’t worry as the Mini and Minor Jackpots are also of a high quality, with the lowest of the two still being over €30,000. That could have been the maximum payout and we would have been happy, so the fact that’s it’s the lowest just seems insane. 

Free Kick

If you played the demo of Football you should really play with cash, and if you’ve already played for real you should definitely play this title again; it’s such a good experience, and it never gets old. True footie fans around the world will be able to back this online activity 110%.

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