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Hot G

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For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Hot G Slot

Let’s face it, there’s nothing really that new (at all) about an online slot machine that has found its inspiration from the shapely form of women. In this instance they appear to be ready for battle whilst still looking really attractive, and that battle takes place in some mystical world. Probably. How you view this type of game is probably going to have a huge bearing on how much you enjoy this particular game. 

When this gambler from 777igt loads up you’ll notice that the screen is remarkably blank.  We kind of like this if we’re being honest- a welcome break from the usually overwhelming busyness that many games come with from the off. 

Once you hit spin, of course, things will get more detailed, but in terms of first impressions, a simple black screen is probably enough to make a few people look elsewhere immediately, even if that’s just because they are uncertain as to whether the game has properly loaded. We implore you not to do the same, though, as this is well worth getting involved with. 

The following review will hopefully go to show just that. 

Beautiful but Deadly

If you have never played an online slot machine like this before then we will begin with the beginning. The idea is to land like-pictures, numbers and letters in combinations of threes, fours and fives along active paylines. Do this and you will stand to win a significant amount of money, although what that amount is depends on a few variables. 

The lowest value symbols are letters A-J, the number ten, and three fair maidens. These girls look like something from Final Fantasy, the hugely successful video game and movie franchise that originated in Japan. By this, we mean basically there seems to be something rather magical about the characters depicted- almost like fighter on a beat ‘em up, only designed allure, rather than injure you. 

On top of these, you also have three jackpot pictures. These images are slightly higher resolution, and again depict three gorgeous females. The are the Mega Jackpot, Mini Jackpot, and Minor Jackpot, and go down in value in that order. Harder to win with- you need five or its nothing for you- these offer serious cash prizes, so whilst aiming for them might be wishful thinking, there’s no harm in keeping your eye out. 

Gorgeous and Mysterious

Before you start playing Hot G properly it’s important to understand how you can have an impact on the way the game works, and your chances of winning. First up, adjust the size of your bet per line. The higher the bet per line, the more each of your individual bets is worth, and therefore the more you will win back when you win. 

You can also change the number of active paylines in play, which in turn means you have more individual opportunities to score a win. The maximum is 50, and when you have so many in play the wins come thick and fast. Careful, though- the more paylines and the higher value of each line, the more money you’ll be spending, and fast.  

Finding the Love of Your Life

The pictures don’t start and stop with those standard images we mentioned before, mind. You also want to keep you eye out for a few specials, which really add a lot more to the experience overall. First up is the Scatter, which is a dark-haired woman looking to the screen in side-on profile. This image will trigger multipliers which boost the winnings you have exponentially. 

The Free, meanwhile, is another dark haired woman that gives you free spins. That means free goes at winning money, for free. Which is always good. The more you land at once the more free spins you will be rewarded. On top of those you have the Bonus, which triggers a bonus game that is a great, welcome distraction; and the Wild, a woman distinguishable by her bright red armour and fiery background. This can substitute for any other picture or symbol, other than the Scatter, Bonus, Free, or any of the jackpots. 

Hot or Not?

Hot G is a hugely enjoyable gambler, and one that is certainly very polished visually. The possible down sides are that it’s quite difficult to distinguish between many of the different characters, and that plain black opening screen isn’t too inviting. Neither of these are significant enough to ruin your experience, though, and we love the feeling of a huge back story involving all these beautiful but deadly female combatants.

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