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Mahjong Exchange

First invented at some point during the Qing dynasty, mahjong is a popular pastime that is played with tiles based on 144 different Chinese characters and symbols. While the game may have its roots in China, it has become extremely popular in other parts of the world, particularly in Japan. Today, there are numerous local variants on the classic game of skill and luck, though the main structure is almost identical no matter where or with whom you play.

Mahjong Exchange by Microgaming takes this game and reinvents it for the online gambling world, turning it into a roulette-like game of chance in which players bet on which of 34 tiles will be selected on any given round. There are numerous bets that can be made at different odds and payouts, many of which are very similar to those seen in roulette – but with a twist unique to the mahjong tiles themselves, which offer up a great selection of options and one last opportunity for players to change the results right before the winning choice is revealed.

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Mahjong Exchange

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Choosing Your Tile

Mahjong Exchange is played on a game board that looks somewhat like the layout you would see on a roulette table. Above that, you’ll see 34 tiles face down, as well as two spots: a 1, and an X. The game begins with the gambler choosing a tile by dragging it to the “1” space. This will be the tile that will ultimately be revealed in order to determine the winner.

Once this tile has been selected, players can begin to place their bets. There are a number of different wagers possible, and while some may seem familiar to those who have played roulette before, names and specifics are actually quite different. While you must make at least one bet, you have the option of making as many as you’d like, allowing you to spread your wagers around the table if you’d like to do so. We’ll go through these options one-by-one in order to break down what is possible. Here are the bets offered, with odds expressed in a “for one” format, as they are in the game itself:

  • Single Tile Bet: This is a bet on any single tile, and pays 33:1.
  • Two Tile Bet: A bet on two adjacent tiles, paying 33:2.
  • Tri Bet: A bet covering a column of three tiles. This bet pays 11:1.
  • Quad Bet: This wager covers a square of four spots, and pays 33:4.
  • Two Rows: This covers two columns (six spots in total), paying 11:2.
  • Columns: This covers all 11 spots on one of the three tiles on the layout, paying 3:1.
  • Suits: This bets on the portion of a column that covers one of the three “suits,” either Circle, Bamboo, or Characters (Charc). Each covers nine positions, and pays 11:3.
  • Honor: This covers the six “Honors;” like the Two Row wager, it pays 11:2.
  • Major: This covers six Major icons, and again pays 11:2.
  • Minor: This covers the “Minor” spots in each of the three suits, or 21 tiles in total. If any of these are chosen, wagers are paid 11:7.
  • Any Suit: This covers all of the Major and Minor positions, or a total of 27 tiles. If any of these are picked, you’ll win at 11:9 odds.

Make the Exchange

Once you’ve made all of your wagers, it’s time to reveal the chosen tile and finding out which – if any – of your bets are winners. However, there is one last opportunity for you to change your fate at this point. If you’d like to simple reveal the winner, you can hit the “Confirm & Reveal” button. However, you may also choose to exchange the chosen tile for another one with the “Confirm & Exchange” option. If you do so, you’ll be prompted to make another selection and drag it into the X position.

In either case, all of the tiles will now be flipped over and revealed. All bets are then resolved based on the icon shown in the 1 position (or the X, if you chose to make an exchange). All of your winning bets will be paid at this point, and a new round will begin. After selecting the next tile, you’ll be able to use the rebet options to repeat your previous choices, or select all new betting options if you would like to change things up.

An Interesting Alternative

Given the theming and the play style, it’s quite possible that Mahjong Exchange could appeal to both those who love the classic Chinese game and those who have more familiarity with typical casino fare like roulette. In terms of the house edge, this is actually a game that is very similar to the European version of that table game, with the casino’s advantage only coming in at 2.94%.

Beyond the solid return to player, this offering also offers a wider variety of bet types than most games of this type, making it feel truly unique. Whether you’ve always loved the game of skill it is based on, or you’re just looking for a way to mix up your normal roulette play, this can be a fun alternative to more traditional options.

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