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    Fortune Wheel

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    Fortune Wheel Casino Game

    Some casino games are made to be as complex and deep as possible, appealing to the type of gamblers who want to test their skills and squeeze out every single advantage they can get against the house. But while stretching your brain and making tough decisions can be a lot of fun, sometimes you need something that’s a lot easier to play – something that you can run on autopilot while still getting your dose of betting action.

    One such game is the “big wheel”, a casino staple that isn’t much different than similar games found in carnivals or game shows. The concept is simple: you make a guess about where the wheel will stop, and if you’re right, you win a prize. In fact, we’ve pretty much described the entire game for you in that one sentence. There are plenty of variations on this style of gaming, and many online gambling software providers have their own version of this game of chance. One such option is Fortune Wheel, which follows the formula to a tee.

    Make Your Best Guess

    In Fortune Wheel, you’ll have the option of betting on which of seven potential results a large spinner will land on when it is spun. In total, there are 52 positions, split up into seven different types of spots that a ticker at the top of the device could potentially stop on. Each of these types is designated by a different letter as well as by a unique color, meaning it is never hard to tell exactly what you’re looking at. The various spots are in the table under the game below, with their payouts also listed.

    A (Yellow)
    B (Purple)
    C (Red)
    D (Green)
    E (Orange)
    F (Blue)
    G (Blue)

    Every spot has the same chance of being selected, but not each color is equally represented. There are 24 areas devoted to the even money yellow wins, 12 purple pockets, eight red, four green, two orange, and one each for the F and G blue prizes.

    This game couldn’t possibly be easier to play. At the start of each spin, you’ll have the opportunity to set your betting amount and then place wagers on any of the seven potential bets. These are presented on a layout on the bottom of the screen, with each one given its own large betting area. You are able to make as many bets as you like on each spin; if you’d like, you can even make all seven bets at once, guaranteeing you’ll get at least something back (of course, you’ll need to hit one of the bigger payouts to actually show a profit in this case).

    Once you are satisfied with your bets, you can hit the large green “spin” button to set the action in motion. The wheel will turn for a few seconds before slowing down and stopping at a random point, revealing which bet is the winner. All losing bets are taken at this point, while wagers on the winning letter are paid at the appropriate odds.

    That’s essentially all you need to know in order to play this game. After any given spin, there are some quick buttons that make it easier to continue playing. If you just want to make the same wagers you made on the previous spin, the “rebet” button will instantly recreate your most recent selections. If you’re using a betting system, you might also make use of the “double” button, which will do the same thing, except all of your previous gambles will be doubled. If you accidentally put money down where you don’t want to, the clear bet option will let you start over from scratch.

    Knowing the Odds

    In many ways, Fortune Wheel is a simplified version of roulette. As it turns out, the way the casino sets up the betting options is also very similar: all of the options in this game come with the same house edge, regardless of what choices you make or how you spread your money around the table. That means there’s absolutely no strategy to worry about, and no way to make a “wrong” decision.

    The house edge is derived from the fact that while all bets pay out fairly for a spinner that has 48 spaces, the Fortune Wheel game actually has 52. That makes the edge 4/52, or 7.69%. That’s higher than in roulette, but that’s hardly surprising: typically, whenever the casino is willing to simplify things for you, the tradeoff is that they make the odds a bit worse at the same time.

    That said, not all wagers will give you the same experience. If you’re just looking to chase a big payday, sticking to the E, F, and G options will offer you the shot at an instant jackpot – with the caveat that you’re usually going to lose money in exchange for the occasional big win. On the other hand, sticking to A is great for casual gamers, as it will win nearly half the time, though at even money odds. You can even mix and match different bets to cover more and more of the layout, similar to how many players spread their money around while playing roulette.

    A Quick Diversion

    Fortune Wheel isn’t the type of game that is likely to entertain most players for very long. The gameplay is just too simple, even for casual gamblers, to provide the kind of fun or memorable experiences that keep people coming back for more.

    That said, it’s certainly a game that has its purpose. In live casinos, people play games like these to keep their less gambling-inclined friends involved in the action, or to kill a few minutes between other games. Fortune Wheel can definitely take that second role online as well: if you’re looking for something to do, but don’t want to get involved in a long session of a more complex game or use your brain too much, it’s easy to fire this one up and place a few bets, hoping to get lucky in the process.

    Chances are, you’ll eventually want to move on to games with more depth and better odds, a course of action we’d definitely recommend. But if you’re just looking for quick action with no frills, this game certainly fits the bill.

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