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Rainbow Dice

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Rainbow Dice Slots

There’s no denying that the moment this EGT game loads up, you’ll be dazzled. Whether that’s a good thing or not really depends on what you’re looking for in a gambler. Something brightly colored, busy, and somehow linked to nature, or something that’s stripped back and traditional when it comes to themes.

Alternatively, you could also be wanting something with more of a focus on characters, people and animals. In the latter two cases this one probably isn’t for you. Rainbow Dice, which joins a few other titles using variations on ‘dice’, is a 5-reel, fixed 30-pay line online slot machine that goes for lots of hues, and plenty of references to the natural world, flora and fauna. Indeed, it’s almost like stepping out in the countryside on a beautiful summer’s day, staying until sunset. Which is always quite pleasant.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

On the reels you will see different brightly dice. Each has a number on them, in classic formations of spots. These correspond to the value of what you win. Then there are other dice with things like 7s on them, again this relates to a different value.

The idea is to match pairs, threes, fours or fives of these on active pay lines, and then you’ll be guaranteed a win. This happens via some nifty animation techniques, which genuinely complements the experience, with the 30 fixed pay lines ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to win. And that’s why you’re here, right?

Sunshine in the Rain

At the bottom of the screen there are several Bet size buttons. Push the one you want and start the reels going, and the dice rolling. The Bet sizes available are 30, 60, 90, and 150 and 300 if you are using just one credit.

The larger your Bet size the more you can win if you manage to land a combination on an active pay line. Sadly, if you land a combination off an active pay line then the win won’t count. When you do win the dice will fad to reveal a cartoonish mite, perhaps a caterpillar with cute, wide eyes, or some other thing you will find in the sort of place where there is a perpetual rainbow. In that sense it’s almost like watching an episode of The Smurfs or Fifi and the Flowerpots, so get ready for some serious Alice In Wonderland moments when there are victories involved.

Down in the Garden

Not it’s time to hit spin and really try your luck. So good luck and all that.

When you’re playing the game you’ll also notice that every once in a while in the bottom corner of the screen the word ‘Gamble’ will start flashing. Keep an eye out in the lower right hand corner. When this happens click on the word and you’ll begin a bonus game, which is one of our favorite things about Rainbow Dice. The game basically involves you trying to guess what color the next card will be- red or black. This really adds to the whole casino experience in your room, but also distracts you from what would otherwise be a rather repetitive online gambling machine, and therefore we wish more would also include this feature.

Great Animation

Rainbow Dice isn’t the greatest gambler out there. It’s probably not even the best in EGT’s series of ‘dice’ games. Nevertheless, it’s really enjoyable to play and it’s clear that a lot of creativity has gone into coming up with the idea and the details.

One the whole it is rather limited in terms of options, though, with preset bet sizes and fixed pay lines not really giving you much feeling of being in control, so anyone who has ever been described as a control freak should probably prepare themselves before properly getting involved here.

Having said that, we love the animation, and we love the Gamble feature, both of which mean we’re not going anywhere that fast once the play screen loads up. You might obviously think and feel differently- it hugely depends on what you want and are looking for from online slots.

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