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Hunter's Dice

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Hunter's Dice Slots

Gambling machines love coming up with new and ever-stranger themes, or at least the developers behind them do, and that’s exactly what players will find when this particular EGT title. Get ready for something of a mish-mash then, because that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

Hunter’s Dice then takes the curious stance of referencing Chinese Yatzee die, with motifs from the great outdoors that seem to be more U.S. wildlife focused than anything else. So that means you have lots of die with number on them, alongside animals like bison and eagles. If it didn’t look so lovely- the images really are attractive- then this strange combination might be jarring or off-putting.

Thankfully, that’s not quite the case. Overall then, this is definitely one that makes you want to get involved, even if that’s only because you’re curious. And want to have a shot at winning some serious prizes. Well, you’re only human, after all!

Sharpening the Blade

So Hunter’s Dice is a perhaps-not-so-typical 5 reel, 20-pay-line gambler that takes inspiration from the Earth and math’s, or something along those lines. On the reels you’ll see three pairs of dice- blue and yellow, green and blue, and red and orange, which certainly helps distinguish them from one another. These are classic spotted die, rather than numbered in words or actual numbers, and therefore it could get confusing when trying to spot matches – not that the game won’t also do that for you.

In addition, there’s a pretty cosmic looking wolf, complete with full moon, mist, and a dice with blue Chinese calligraphy, a bison with dice and green Chinese, and eagle with the same – only this time the dice is baby blue, a hunter, log cabin and wood fire – all also have different colored writing on dice. It certainly makes for a visual feast for the senses, which is exactly the kind of divisive design that separates those who really want something to look interesting, and those who want to cut to the chase and stay stripped back with simple, traditional gambler stuff like BARs and 7s.

A Roll of the Dice

If you’re still unfamiliar with how these games work, then let’s begin there. First up, the basics – the idea is to match twos, threes, fours or fives of like-pictures, each corresponding to a different value of prize. You can only match up and win if they pictures fall on active pay lines.

Before actually spinning the reels and trying to strike it rich, it’s important to set your bet up properly. You can add or take away pay lines, the more in play the more individual chances you have of winning. You can also increase or decrease the value of your bet, the more you put down the more you pick up at the end if you’re luck comes in.

To adjust either of these things you will simply use the controls at the bottom of the screen. You can also pre-set auto plays, limiting maximum spend or number of spins, and then sit back and watch, although this does seem a little lazy. You have to be in to win, after all.

Lady Luck

In addition to matching up the numbers on the dice, Hunter’s Dice also has a couple of bonuses. The first is the log fire, which is the Wild card, or dice. This can substitute for any other picture and dice other than the Scatter, and when this happens it multiplies the value of the win by two.

The Scatter is the wooden cabin, and this offer the opportunity for free spins. Land three on the middle three reels and you get 10 free spins. Perhaps not the easiest requirement, nevertheless it gives you something else to work towards, which is always a good thing.

Nice Dice

Hunter’s Dice is a funny one really. On the one hand, it looks great, with animation also first rate. On the other hand, it’s a strange idea for a theme, and it doesn’t have that much extra to keep you interested- like Bonus rounds, and the free spins are quite difficult to actually land.

Even so, overall it’s definitely up there with the best modern, online gamblers currently available to play, or at least those we’ve have experience of, and as such it’s not hard to recommend.

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