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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Overseas Dice Slot

In this vaguely titled slot machine, you’ll be challenging Neptune and turning into the hero you always knew yourself to be. Or at least that’s the plan, whether that actually happens is anyone’s guess. This Ancient Rome themed slot machine is nothing like we anticipated, with the Neptune aspect being an unexpected design feature.

Although we’re somewhat confused, not just by the title but by the appearance of the interface, we’re more than ready to get stuck in. As this is a Gaming1 real cash slot, all the controls are presented in a simple manner, and the betting range is reasonable if not extensive. Everything is in place for us to smash through the barriers of an aquatic god and walk away with some gold.


The design of Overseas is most curious to us, mainly because it doesn’t seem to have any fluidity. Instead of designing an interface that complements itself, this one seems to be in conflict; there’s Roman references alongside traditional gambling ones, all included inside a weirdly coloured palette. We have no doubt that some brands could have pulled off this confusion of ideas, but Gaming1 hasn’t managed to do so.

Consequently, we feel slightly adrift from the action that unfolds on the reels. We’re switched on, but we almost don’t want to interact in case we become confused like the grid. Dare we say that, for this one time, we’d have preferred a brand to have stuck with cliché designs rather than trying to be alternative and cool. Sometimes you can’t beat a successful formula that has stood the test of time.

Fly High

Gambling is one of those interaction that we can be cautious about; some of us are brave high rollers, but most of us just shuffle a couple of coins around. There’s no right or wrong way to play as such, but when it comes to Overseas, the greater your returns the better you’ll fare. The prime reason for this is down to the Super Games.

This are exclusive to the brand, as far as we know, and so you may not have seen the feature before. It works on the basis that you have secured a win priced at x100 of your first stake (which can be as low as 0.20 credits). An easy feat though that’s not, once you surpass that threshold you get a wheel to spin which can win you more Super Games, or even the big juicy jackpot. You could also leave with nothing, but we didn’t want to go all Anne Robinson on you.

That’s My Man

Ulysses, the main icon, is how you’ll gain access to the free spins. Three of him is all it takes, though the bigger your combo the higher your end payout. As many as 50 games are available, with further ones up for grabs should you land additional Ulysses symbols during this time. Seeing as this is the main feature of Overseas, we’d have liked to have seen more meat on its bones rather than such a typical offering. However, as Gaming1 have tried to deliver more variance via the grid as well as the paytable, we can’t complain too harshly.

A Currency for All

If you like the look of Overseas, we’d like to draw your attention to about Genesis Gaming’s 5-reeler called Macchu Picchu Gold. This title is just as steeped in history as Overseas, but from a different period and utilising a wholly different aesthetic. The end result is most pleasing.

If we had to say which we prefer, it’s probably Macchu Picchu Gold (just!) because of how colourful and inviting the interface looks. Overseas has quality graphics, but they’re rather drab looking. In terms of features, we’d say they’re both level pegging, with them both delivering a selection of extra games.

Roman Champion?

The feelings we’re getting from Overseas are mixed and complicated, much like the design, and so we can’t say whether we enjoyed this title or hated it. Elements of both appear to be involved when you start a playthrough. What we can say with certainty though, is that this is one of Gaming1’s less successful slots. Try some of their others before writing them off completely, though.

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