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De Val Van 1 Miljoen

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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De Val Van 1 Miljoen Dice Games

The title of the game that is the subject of this review might not be familiar for most players, so a little bit of backstory should be quite helpful at this stage.

De Val Van 1 Miljoen is a dice slot game from Gaming1 created after the Flemish TV game show of the same name. The original show, whose name means “the one million trap”, had various players compete for a super big cash prize throughout various stages. The slot game version of this game uses the same aesthetics, and the stakes can be just as high as well.

Take a look to discover this unique slot game and the best ways to get to the ultimate jackpot through our complete review of De Val Van 1 Miljoen.

As Seen on TV

If you have lived in northern Belgium in recent years, you probably know what to expect in terms of graphic atmosphere in De Val Van 1 Miljoen. If not, let’s paint the picture for you.

The entire game screen is bathed in a dark red light from top to bottom, with big wads of money literally falling from the ceiling. The semi-transparent reels take up most of the central space, with a sleek and elegant command bar at the bottom of the screen.

In other words, De Val Van 1 Miljoen looks like a TV set and even if you have never seen the actual game you would probably not miss the resemblance. Let’s move on to the basic gameplay in the next section…

Simpler Than the Original Game

Despite being based on a unique TV game show, De Val Van 1 Miljoen actually follows the classic rules that the vast majority of slot games on the current market are based on.

As a player, you get 5 reels and 10 fixed paylines to play with. Your goal consists of making sure that winning symbol combinations appear on the paylines, which are always activated. Use the command bar under the reels to select a wager to bet on your next spin.

All rewards are determined by both the type of symbols aligned on screen and the size of your wager. You are therefore able to increase the size of your future wins by using a bigger wager. The game also gives you the opportunity to place that same wager on several spins in a row thanks to the classic autospin game mode.

Roll the Dice

The original De Val Van 1 Miljoen TV show was based on a dice game, and its slot game version reuses the theme for its paytable.

The first symbols on the menu are simple dice faces, from number 2 to number 6. Your rewards are limited to a maximum of 10 times your bet value here, but these dice are also the most common symbols of the entire game

The lock, girl, safe and cash symbols are a little rarer on the reels, therefore more challenging to line up. But their payouts can go up to 100 times the value of your starting wager, which should be incentive enough for most players indeed.

Keep an Eye Out for the One Special Symbol

De Val Van 1 Miljoen sticks to a classic pattern and includes some special features, hidden in the gameplay and accessible only to the most perseverant players.

The game logo is the only special symbol available here, but it has two different functions in total. Taken on its own, it can act as a wild card and substitute for any other symbol on the reels. This classic feature allows you to complete more combinations during the game, and pocket the rewards just as usual.

You can also line up logos for a big prize of up to 100 times your bet value, which will be accompanied by a bonus round of free spins that can give you a whole new opportunity to win big at no cost at all.

A Game With Decent Features

De Val Van 1 Miljoen will most certainly appeal more to the players who have actually watched and enjoy the original TV game show it is based on. There might not be many of such players all over the world, but they are certainly out there.

For the rest of the public, De Val Van 1 Miljoen is a very classic slot game with not a lot of charisma but decent rewards and free spins to compete for.

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