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Supreme Dice

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Supreme Dice Slots

Those who really enjoy a good solid theme in their online slot machines might want to sidestep this one altogether. However, if you enjoy superhero dice, great animation and graphics, and plenty of surprises along the way, stick around – because that’s exactly what’s in this gambler from EGT, with the best of the unexpected moments coming in the form of you winning. Obviously.

Supreme Dice isn’t really about anything in the way some would, say, take inspiration from Ancient Egypt or the Wild West. There’s no weird back story about people rocketing through space to battle evil villains on distant planets, nor does it position you in the role of some fast food aficionado desperately trying to find the perfect combination of ingredients like some deranged chef with employment worries.

What it does have, on the other hand, is some great effects and lots to keep you interested. From one perspective, then, it’s very, very simple, and perhaps not engaging enough, but when you actually begin to spin the 5 reels it becomes clear this is definitely a strong contender for the best you’ll play all day (if not all week). Keen to learn why? No problems.

Playing With Chances

Like we said above, this isn’t for kids and don’t expect any silliness. On the pay table you basically have several combinations of multi-colored spotted dice, then white dice with numbers on, and finally male and female jesters. Each of these corresponds to a different value of payout if you land three on the reels. It really is as simple as that, so let’s get on with an explanation of how to actually play.

Off With Their Heads

Before hitting spin it’s vital that you think about how much you want to risk. Overall there are 27 pay lines in play and this cannot be adjusted. That’s a good thing, the relatively high number and compulsory ‘all-in’ definitely adds to the excitement.

You can, however, adjust the size of the bet you want to make via the control panel at the bottom of the play screen. The options are 2, 10, 25, 40, and 50. There is also a nifty little auto play option, which uses the value of the last bet as a standard and continues to place bets at that level. Be warned, though, it won’t stop until you’re out of cash, so when you find yourself on a losing streak probably best to switch it off and have a rethink in terms of how you’re playing.

Big Wins

There’s loads behind the scenes on Supreme Dice, so much so some might find it a little overwhelming. The game employs Reel Ways Pay Rules, meaning you basically find it easier to multiply up dice on the reels when you get a win.

There are also multiplier dice in different colors, these will double the value of successful bets if they appear. Finally, we also love the ‘Gamble’ feature, which is a bonus game involving you trying to guess the color of the next card – red or black. This definitely makes the whole thing feel more like being in a casino, without the need to ever leave your home/room/bed, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for in these gamblers.

The idea is taken to another level, even, with the introduction of Jackpot Cards. Each of the suites corresponds to a different Jackpot Level, and any can be won in a single game of Jackpot Cards. When you win this is then increased depending on which card suit you have managed to win with, again making Supreme Dice a truly multi-layered beast.

Supreme Fun

As you can probably gather by the last comment, we are huge, huge fans of this EGT masterpiece, which is definitely the best in all its ‘dice’ games (of which there are several). The animation techniques are incredible, we love the burning fire effect when you win, and that’s just one example.

On top of this there is just so much going on within the game for it to ever fall by the wayside- so many possible reasons to come back, even if you’ve been off trying other games for a while. It’s not every day an online slot machine feels more like a proper video game, but in the case of Supreme Dice that’s exactly what has been achieved. Don’t ignore this advice – play it now.

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