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Extra Cash

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For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Extra Cash Dice Games

Technically there are two exclamation marks which are appended to the end of this slot, but ain’t nobody got time for that: Extra Cash plain and simple it is. Besides, this game is exciting enough on its own – it doesn’t need anything else to beef it up. Extra Cash by Dice Slots is a self-explanatory game to say the least: you can win extra cash by sinking a few credits into it and the developer is named Dice Slots because, shock, that’s their speciality.

Developing dice-themed slots is just like developing regular slots; the primary difference is the market the respective games are destined for. Basically, some countries have casinos that are licensed to offer dice-based slots only. Belgium is one example of this. Players thus spin dice slots either because they like them or because this is the only option available to them. Whatever your reasons for playing a game like Extra Cash, you’re in for a treat because this can rightfully be regarded as one of the best new dice slots on the market.

Tumbling Dice

Although the name of the game doesn’t make it explicitly clear, the design of the board, its background image especially, does: Extra Cash is all about a paper round. Delivering newspapers was how many of us first earned money growing up, and while the newspaper industry has been in terminal decline for years, it lives on at least through games such as this. The design of each of the symbols that appear on the board is a thing of beauty; the 3D shape of each die makes it possible to view three different faces simultaneously, each one kitted out with a different symbol. There’s a themed symbol on the main face and Chinese-looking characters on the others.

The paytable for Extra Cash starts off with playing card values and goes from there. The most you’ll make for landing five playing card values on a line is 150 credits. Next up in the pecking order is a fat stack of newspapers followed by a cart, the sort of cart that a paperboy would pull behind them if they had a particularly large round and a whole lot of papers to deliver. (As anyone who’s been a paperboy will attest, Sundays were the worst, due to the size and weight of the weekly papers). The next most valuable symbol looks like a mailbox that’s been filled with newspapers and then there’s a dog symbol, a newspaper clutched in its mouth. This symbol is worth 300 for five, while the delivery van is worth 400.

Dice is Nice

You can tell that Extra Cash has been designed with a mobile audience in mind just by looking at the way the playing controls operate. A reliance on sliders makes it evident that this game has been optimised for touchscreen devices, be they mobile or tablet. There are 50 paylines in this game and by dragging the slider all the way up to the top, you can ensure that all 50 are active. You can then follow suit with the bet level, which can range from 0.01 to as much as 10 coins. Extra Cash’ two special symbols include wild which is styled to resemble a newspaper whose headline reads “Extra! Wild”. Five wilds are worth 500, while five scatters will pay out 50x your bet.

Other Similar Dice Games

If you’ve enjoyed playing the medium variance Extra Cash, which has an RTP of 95.23%, there are a few other games which should next be on your radar. These include the NextGen slot Extra Cash i.e the same game but with reels and regular symbols instead of dice. This distinction aside, it works in exactly the same way. That’s assuming that you’re gambling in a territory where you’re permitted to play ‘regular’ slots and not just dice games. If you are then another game that you’ll probably want to take a look at it is Winning Wolf. This Ainsworth game has 50 paylines and up to 8 free spins to be won.

Extra Cash Final Verdict

Without resorting to hyperbole, it would be no exaggeration to say that Extra Cash is one of the best looking dice slots on the market. You can play this game for free or for real money and it’s a real cracker, a game that plays just as well as it looks. You don’t see a lot of paperboys in the wild these days, but thanks to Extra Cash this apprenticeship lives on. A few years from now, a generation of slots players won’t even understand what a paperboy is or rather was. As it is, current players should just about recall this job from their youth and will appreciate the nostalgic memories that Extra Cash evokes.

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