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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Psycho Dice Slots

It’s surprising and also satisfying just how unsettling the Psycho video slot proves to be. You wouldn’t expect a game that involves little more than a board filled with dice symbols to be chilling, but make no mistake, that’s exactly what you get here. Developer Dice Slots have provided a triumphant and terrifying conversion of the regular Psycho slot i.e the version that doesn’t have dice as symbols. The intro sequence to this online casino game is a particular highlight. A short black and white clip features a car pulling up outside the iconic motel atop a hill.

Angry clouds have gathered overhead and the rain is lashing down. The windscreen wipers feebly attempt to clear the glass but to no avail. Then you’re there, parked up outside the Bates Motel which is illuminated in a sudden flash of lightning. It’s a cracking opening sequence that instantly plunges you into the horrific world of Norman Bates. Even gamblers who haven’t seen the Hitchcock film will be able to grasp why it left moviegoers on the edge of their seats, purely from watching this slot’s intro sequence.

Horror on the Highway

One of the reasons why the Psycho movie resonated so powerfully with audiences is because it’s a scenario that’s easy to envisage finding oneself in: driving all day down the long American highways. Getting tired and seeking somewhere to turn in for the night. The weather’s getting steadily worse and you’re starting to worry when suddenly, upon a slight hill in the distance, appears a lit window and the promise of a place to rest your head for the night. At that moment in time, Bates Motel seems like the best place in the world.

A standard video slot board measuring 5x3 is where the action takes place in Psycho by Dice Slots. Each of the dice symbols has a number printed on one side, a Chinese character on another and then a themed symbol on the front side. The playing card symbols are particularly good because each of them has a bird imprinted as well such as a crow or an owl. Avian creatures of the night of death and despair in other words. Other symbols are a room key and an eye pressed against a peephole, watching.

Up On The Hill

While some of the games released by Dice Slots don’t make it easy to get a feel for the theme, because the dice symbols hog all the available screen space, that isn’t the case here. Here, you get a clear view of the Bates Motel sited in the upper left of the screen. Best of all, every few seconds a flash of lightning lights up the night sky and causes the tree branches to look even more sinister than usual.

Better still is the fact that the developers of this game have chosen to use a shower curtain as the background for the board. What’s so scary about a shower curtain? Quite a lot if you’ve watched the movie. Both versions of the game, the Dice Slots and the NextGen iteration, have this curtain flourish and it’s another touch of class in a game that isn’t exactly short of classy touches. Win as much as 20 free spins with five scatters and claim multipliers of between 2x and 20x when wilds show up in the base game.

Go For Monster Munchies, Too

The medium variance Psycho has an RTP of almost 95.6%. If you’re also able to track down the NetEnt version of this game, give it a spin and see how the two titles compare side by side. There are plenty of other online slots available nursing similar paylines and features to Psycho. One of these is Monster Munchies, a Booming Games slot that has 25 paylines and low to medium variance. There are as much as 10 free spins to be won from this online casino game.

Our Psycho Conclusion

The free Psycho slot is downright brilliant. While much of the credit for that goes to the genius of Alfred Hitchcock, it must be said that Dice Slots and NetEnt have also done a cracking job of converting the franchise into video slot format. This is a game which works a treat on mobile devices and whose menus are extremely easy to adjust. Don’t skip the intro sequence whatever you do, for it’s a real highlight, and be sure to play with the volume up to accentuate the terror of the devilishly good Psycho slot.

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