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Money Drop

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For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Money Drop Dice Slot

You never know what’s going to come your way on the Dice Slot: Money Drop online slot game created by Gaming1.

This 5-reel, 10-payline slot game features all the commodities players would come to expect in an online slot game that is clean, efficient and puts players firmly under the spotlight. Gaming1 has a theme of creating its game with 5 reels, 10 paylines and including dice in their paytables – all of these regularities are apparent in this game that is all about winning big money.

This game, in truth is nothing to call home about. There is no ground breaking in-play features or a theme that is likely to capture the imagination. It is the kind of game you’d stereotypically expect of an online slot game. Whether that is a good or a bad thing is, we suppose, completely down to what the online casino player wants from their online casino experience.

Do you want a flamboyant and fussy game? Then Money Drop isn’t for you. If you want an honest, practical and smooth in-play slot game to enjoy? Then Money Drop is ideal for you!

The Graphics Are Rich

The background of the game makes it look like the players are in the middle of a television studio, ready to take centre stage. The bright lighting is very striking and does offer its players their moment in the centre of attention.

Whilst that’s all going on at the top of the screen to create an atmosphere, the bottom of the screen reminds us of why we are playing the online slot game. Notes and notes of dollars appear as almost a gentle reminder that money is what this game is all about, it’s pure business and it’s time to strike up a deal with the slots.

As mentioned earlier, Gaming1 always includes dice in their paytables and this game does suit that. The roll of a die is synonymous with risk and reward games that feature so successfully in a casino, and this game is ideal for those that love a risk. It’s perfect for those that love the casino mindsight, who play with a bit of adrenaline and ultimately thrive of that. The paytable and graphics suit that style down to a tee.

Rewarding Reels

Players need to decide how bold their tactics are going to be when they play the Money Drop slot game. Bet big or bet low? It can easily be decided just by clicking the ‘stake’ infographic net to the spin icon that is the prompt to start the game off.

Those that’d prefer to relax and have less of a control in the in-play will be pleased to hear that there’s an autoplay switch located just under the reels. Switch that to the on mode and players have to do nothing but unwind as the computer does the work for them. It’s a good feature and a notable inclusion by Gaming1 in the Money Drop slot game.

Wealthy Bonuses

Anything from 2 to 5 icons in one of the 10 paylines will prompt the player to win. Of course, the amount varies depending on what the icons are and how many feature in the same line. But players can expect anything from 0.5 coins to 100 coins plus 40 free spins. It’s important to note though that the amount won varies also on how much is staked, but this is how much players would win from a standard, 1 coin stake.

On top of what could be won, the bonuses on the Money Drop slot game are enough to keep players interested. The wild symbol, which includes the logo of the game and a Japanese Hiragana, will trigger a bonus round if three of them are in one line.

A single wild will substitute for all other symbols, so that’s when players should spin wisely in a game that does challenge the tactics of those looking to have money drop from the sky and into their lap. Anyway, don’t we all want that to happen?!

It’s Time You Fall for This

In truth, the Money Drop online slot game doesn’t offer anything amazing or sensational that most other games don’t. However it gives players their moment under the spotlight whilst they have a genuine, honest chance of winning big. It doesn’t have a theme that may lose interest for some, but those that aren’t bothered about all that and prefer a game to concentrate on its in-play and bonus – then this is the one for them.

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