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Mystery Arena

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Mystery Arena Dice Games

Gaming1 like to make slot games that aren’t conventional, and their Mystery Arena product is a prime example of that.

This 12-reel, 20 payline slot game challenges players to line up icons in the 4 different arenas, each made of 3 reels. The winning lines will need to be horizontal or diagonal lines with identical symbols.

This may sound more difficult than ‘normal’ slot games, however players will be rewarded with multipliers if they can connect winnings in 3 or more of the 4 different set of reels. So effectively, it’s 4 small games of 3 reels combining to make one big game.

Sounds like a terrifying monster when you put it like that! Fear not though, this is just a new slot game by Gaming1 that challenges players to win in more than one set of reels. Do that, and the rewards will be lucrative and superb!

This Stadium Is Stunning

The display on this game is split into two. The top half’s purpose is purely practical as it shows what the paytable is, or in this case the dice generator, what the points table is and what prizes can be claimed by these points. This is a sensible inclusion by the developers as they recognise that, because it’s not a ‘normal’ slot game, players won’t understand the rules.

Therefore, sharing the main screen between rules and reels means those challenging the Mystery Arena can do so without flicking in-between different pages. The bottom half is where the reels are displayed, the 4 grids of 3 by 3. The background is awash with colours, the type you would associate seeing on a PH scale, not an online slot game. However it seems to work as your glides from one side of the page to the other. It certainly doesn’t resemble an arena, but it does suit an online slot game that is bold, brash and exactly what you’d want when looking to enjoy yourself on a game.

Unknown Layout of Reels

Before spinning the reels, players need to decide how much they’re going to stake on the game. This can vary from 20p per spin, which could win up to £25 profit to the maximum bet per play which is £25 and if players’ are lucky staking that amount, they could earn up to £2,000 profit in that one play – not bad for a couple of minutes work!

This process is done by clicking the ‘stake’ icon, which is located to the right of the reels and directly above the spin button.

The layout may throw people at first but it’s a dice game that is sure to appeal too many. Players will notice that they can only win with all three of the same icons being located in the matching line. This differs from other slot games where you only need 3 of 5 icons in one line to be the same to win.

Iconic Bonuses

Mystery wheel is the place where players will discover, and hopefully claim, the excellent bonuses on offer. Here is where players could win thirty times their winnings, so a total of £60,000, were they to defeat the mythical monster known as Griffon. I told you there were random moments of mystery!

Players should be looking out for the dice that is white with a red drawing on it – that will trigger the bonus round – should enough be aligned in one payline.

This Game Is Setting a Trend

As mentioned, this game is different to the rest. It’s difficult to argue that there’s much wrong with that though. Admittedly, it did take me some time to get used to and no doubt it will take others the same. However, Gaming1 knew that would be the case, so they uploaded the rules and paytables onto the main screen alongside the reels – ensuring everything the player needed was right in front of them in one place.

Mystery Arena may not have the most eye-catching graphics, or even the most rewarding bonuses. However it is fun and a challenge and something different to the norm. Everyone loves something that stands out, and Mystery Arena does that when compared to the numerous other slot games available on the market right now. It challenges players to think before they spin, and offers real tension when the reels stop turning.

For those players that want something different with their online casino experience then Mystery Arena is the game for you. This dice game is the future, don’t be surprised to see others following suit very soon.

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