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Monopoly Rising Riches

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Monopoly Rising Riches Slot Machine

How many nights have been spent arguing with your family over who is going to play as the top hat? That’s right, there’s just too many to count. If you’ve been missing those nights of bickering, you’re in luck as Gamesys have created Monopoly Rising Riches. Taking the form of 5 reels and 25 paylines, you’ll have the chance to win scatters and wild symbols to get the large bucks.

In regards to the cash you can stand to win, gamers are looking at a base win of 500 credits. Now this may not sound like a lot of dough, but for a low pay-in of 0.25 that’s a great turn out for the books. Aside from the money, there’s not a lot of variance here when it comes to additional features, and so this is one for the fans of simplistic gaming. Gamesys takes all the unnecessary kinks out of online gaming to deliver a convenient and easy-going experience.

It's Raining Wins

Winning is the aim of any game, but with Monopoly you’ll do just about anything to come out on top. And we mean anything. In its traditional board game format, you have to spend a lot of time making it around the board, sometimes landing in jail, but most of the time buying lots of properties. In Rising Riches, you get to spin the reels and watch as the victories come pouring in.

Forming winning lines always leads to a win, but then all the reels start spinning again and a new set of images appear inside the grid. However, when you have cascading reels you get to watch as your winning symbols pop and disappear, with new icons falling into their empty spaces, while the tiles elsewhere stay the same. It may look like just another animated feature, but this extra can grant you consecutive multiple wins.

Blow for Luck

You’ve probably seen it in films, when gamblers are about to roll the dice and they ask someone to blow them for good luck, normally a beautiful woman. This superstition might be your new lucky token when you start playing Monopoly, because of the fickle roll of the dice. The dice is the scatter icon, as it states, and by getting between three and five of them you can walk away with multiplied rewards.

When it comes to scattered pays, it means that they can land anywhere on the matrix and still result in a win for you. Although any grouping will present you with a multiplier, the five of a kind match is the one that brings x25 of your original bet. How much cash that gives you is dependent on how much you wagered to begin with, so we suggest going as big as you can.

Increasing Your Fortunes

If your time with Monopoly Rising Riches has been a positive one and you’re in need of another gaming fix, you might want to try Family Fortunes. Granted that it’s is a gameshow rather than a board game, but the two are interconnected on so many levels, and so enjoying the two is not only possible but also likely. Assuming you like Gamesys slots to begin with; if not, this section is going to leave you high and dry.

Family Fortunes, from Fremantle casino software, is on par with the graphics that you see here, but we’d say that the features are a lot more diverse and thus more enjoyable. That being said, the controls of Monopoly Rising Riches are much simpler to get to grips with, though Family Fortunes follows a more conventional layout. It’s merely about weighing up the pros and cons of them each, and then deciding which you’d prefer to have a punt on. Perhaps you’ll even bet on them both, basically doubling your chances.

In the Money

Gamesys haven’t created an online experience that’ll blow your mind, in fact it’s likely you’ll tire of the gameplay before too long, due to the lack of depth. However, as far as a title based on a board game is concerned, this is one of the higher quality examples we’ve played. Monopoly Rising Riches is a staple example of what an average slot machine looks like, and what it can do for your wallet. It’s not too fancy, but it gets the job done and can make you slightly richer.

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