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High Five

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Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

For all new players at Cafe Casino

For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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High Five Slot

Yes! You ready? This fun-filled slot machine, High Five will get you motivated from the moment it loads up. It's pretty easy to grasp on the whole, as there are just five active paylines, which will keep things simple and allow you to focus your energy on the solid combos that result in you smashing those winnings. The hype for this machine is very real. 

The Look

The design is pretty fiery. This colourful slot brings together a kind of “cool street-vibe”. The symbols on offer are the standard cherries and bars, but this definitely gives this online slot a classic feel. It’s far from by numbers though in terms of the overall aesthetics- vibrant details are everywhere. 

In terms of the graphics, there's not a great deal to them. The colours are definitely what makes it on an aesthetic level, but the easy-access of the game itself, along with the pace mean that doesn’t really matter. If at all. 

This is a great slot for gamers of any level and understanding; this'd be a great machine to work with, if you were just getting started, or indeed a seasoned gamer with years of experience; it's a little wild, it's a lot of fun, and it's very easy. Which is exactly what you want. 

Let's Get It On...

Before you get fired up for this one, you will need to get accustomed to the controls. Again, this is fairly simple, and should be easy enough to pick up.  

First of all, you have to decide how much of a wager you want to put into the machine. Increase or decrease the coin size amount by clicking the - and + keys and then select all the coins you want to bet. 

Nearly ready! Of course, you gotta remember that the more you stoke the flame and keep the ol' fire burning, the more winnings you're potentially gonna get back for your hard work. 

Once you're ready to feel that burn, press spin if you're happy to start the reels on their way, and keep your fingers crossed for something awesome to happen. If you line up between two to five symbols along any existing paylines, then you'll pick up some good winnings to add to any credits you've already scored. 

A Different Class

There are around five proper classic symbols in total on this minimalist three reel slot machine – the bar symbols, the lucky seven, the dollar sign and the cherry. Again, these symbols serve to add an air of class to an otherwise wild, and bright slot. If you manage to line-up those different bars you'll be leaving pretty happy with a hefty amount of credits for your jackpot. Nice.  

In the Money

There's a very cool feature as part of this slot that you're sure to get pretty hot about. In three words –The Almighty Dollar. This sign substitutes for all of the other symbols- it’s your ‘wild’. Basically, that means that at any time you hit that dollar, it can substitute for any of the main game symbols and score you a big win, which is nice. Keeping with the wild theme, on this slot, it's all about getting to the bar, and you've got to get there as often as you can to get as many of those symbols as possible. This maximises your chances of winning and increases your level of success every time you play. 

One thing's for sure, once you get into High Five and those dollar, or lucky seven signs start flashing up (after some bars!), you're going to enjoy going back for another challenge. 

Gimme Five

This slot machine from Gamesys serves up some exciting (but not too challenging) slot machine action plastered with cool 80s street vibes and style. There’s also something about it that invokes the heyday of casinos themselves. 

Combine the thrill of the quick spin, with the colourful design and simple interface, and you'll find something really worth going back to here – and each time that you do, you feel more interested, and intrigued about the possibilities open to you with this game. You'll want to take more chance, and play with fire. 

While this is a wild ride for everyone when it first gets started, there's not too many payline options, and no really exciting bonus features, so it's probably going to become a little tired over time. But for those quick-fire instant gaming thrill-seekers, this is a great find.

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