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Pirate's Plunder

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Pirate's Plunder Slot Machine

Brush off the barnacles, prepare the poop deck, and load up the canons. We’re heading off to plunder all the riches of the brave new world. And what riches they may very well be. 

Pirates Plunder is a standard 5-reel slot machine game that takes its inspiration from adventure on the high seas. An age of heavy drinking, fighting, musket-shooting, exotic fruit-eating, hook-handed men, human skulls and rum-soaked cross-swords, if there’s one thing this theme immediately implies it’s that there will be lots of fun and plenty of rewards long the way as you risk it all in search of the ultimate prize on offer. 


The first thing that’s likely to strike you about Pirate’s Plunder is the slightly dated look. Players used to having lots of animation on screen, or even just higher resolution graphics in general, could be put off by this. It invokes the days of ZX Spectrum games. Having said that, there’s something rather fitting about the low-spec aesthetics on display- it suggests this isn’t about niceties and showmanship, but straight up gaming. Those that disagree can probably start walking the plank, in their own time. 

This point is backed up by how the game actually works. There are 10 symbols involved, and just 9 paylines, making for a comparatively simple machine up against many modern counterparts. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less fun, of course- in fact, with the number of bonuses and free spins on offer, you’re probably going to be too busy chasing down the Jolly Rodger to notice things are a little limited. 

Setting Sail

Before casting off it’s important to know what you’re doing, of course. Thankfully that doesn’t take too much explanation in this case. Like the frigates that pirates once roamed the oceans on, by 21st Century standards this machine is pretty simplistic, but this is by no means a bad thing. 

First, select your coin size. This can range from 1p up to £2, again far less than a lot of machines allow. Just hit the - or + button to make it bigger or smaller. As usual the idea is to match multiples of the same symbols to claim a win, and the coin size dictates how big the payout will be so it’s important to think about this properly. There’s more at stake with higher value coins, but fortune favours the brave, as they say. Next select which rows you want to play, now it’s time to spin. 

Fine Ships at Sea

The icons themselves are stereotypes from the high seas- bananas, pineapples, coconuts, beer, a hook-hand, bottle of rum, antique pistol, cutlass, gold-encrusted crucifix, chest of gold and diamond-encrusted skull; the value ascends from the start of that list through to the end. 

There are also two special icons involved. The skull and crossbones flag is a Wild symbol, so can replace anything on the reels except for Scatter symbols, and will double your win automatically. Get five of these Wild symbols on one single payline and you will receive the biggest payout there is – 10,000x coin size. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, is a ship’s wheel, and if you get two or more of these then you will activate the Free Spin feature, with a maximum of 20 free spins up for grabs. 

Sticking to Your Course

So far, so standardised format for a machine like this. And there’s not a huge amount we could add to change anyone’s mind. But that’s the point, really. This is a traditional gambler that’s likely to appeal to traditional gamblers, who are likely to be immediately drawn in. 

So, while some might feel shipwrecked in a world where there are no high-tech bonus games waiting to be unlocked, for others these familiar waters will make for a smooth sail when they are playing. It really depends on personal preference. 


On the whole, then, there’s a lot not to like about Pirate’s Plunder. It looks very basic, almost grainy, doesn’t have many (or really any) bells and whistles, and chooses not to give you as many potential wins as a lot of other games on the market. 

Yet that might be the genius of this adventure, though. It’s impossible to get confused, and very easy to play, meaning in no time at all you’ll be watching the action hawk-eyed from the crow’s nest, waiting for the big payout. Whether you do that with a cutlass clenched between your teeth is another question altogether.

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