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Nuts & Bolts

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Nuts & Bolts Slot Machine

Robots are on the verge of taking over the planet and perhaps we should let them, especially if they are as helpful as the protagonists of the game we are about to take a look at.

Nuts & Bolts is a video slot game designed by Gamesys that focuses on a perhaps not-so-distant future where robots have become self-aware and control much of the planet. Your task here is to help the two little robots assemble new companions with the pieces that keep on appearing on the reels. Watch out for your too new friends and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Read our full review of Nuts & Bolts to discover more about this quirky game that could easily keep you entertained for quite some time…

Welcome to the Robot Factory

Nuts & Bolts is entirely set at the heart of a ultra-modern robot factory, largely automatized but that still can use some human touch here and there.

The background of the game shows a complex network of pipes and circuits running in all directions, with the reels encased in a bright screen-like frame right in the middle of the game screen. The atmosphere is cartoonish and the small robots you will see popping out here and there during the game are just adorable.

Think more I-Robot than Terminator when trying to picture the universe of Nuts & Bolts, and you will have a rather good idea of what kind of virtual world you are stepping in. Let’s head on to the next section to figure out how to operate this complex machinery.

Start Assembling

Nuts & Bolts is all about high-tech robotics, but even the most complex machines have to be made up of very simple components - and your task is to line them up on screen.

The game matrix is a standard 5-reel setup with three symbol positions on each reel and 25 paylines available in total. You are facing what appears to be a control console with plenty of buttons and switches at your disposal right below the reels. Use them to adjust the size of your wager and the number of paylines you want to be on for your next spin. Put a little extra on the table to maximise your future wins, if you are willing to take the risk.

Speed up the entire gameplay by switching the autospin mode on; the reels will spin on their own for as long as you let them, placing the same bet consistently and adding a little extra thrill to the whole robot-building process.

Clearly Labelled Parts

The paytable of Nuts & Bolts clearly lists all the elements necessary to building a new robot, down from the tiniest screw.

The first symbols are the most frequent in the game. They are the three cogs (silver, red and blue), the bolt, the nut and the spanner. The cash rewards associated with combinations of these symbols might be modest, but you will have plenty of occasions to add up those wins with time and perseverance.

The ray gun, microchip, rocket and the heads of our two protagonists constitute the last symbols of the basic menu, and needless to say that they are worth much more. The heads alone can multiply you initial wager by 300 in exchange of a five-symbol combination.

Nuts and Jolts!

Nuts & Bolts still has plenty of surprises for players to enjoy, starting with a wild card that can replace any other basic symbol, thus giving you another chance to score one or more winning combinations across the reels.

Any win on the reels starts off a winning streak. This chain reaction can increase your future cash prizes the longer it lasts. In other words, the more wins you score in a row, the larger your rewards gradually become - for no extra cost.

You will also notice the lightning pods located above each reel. These devices will start charging up every time a symbol becomes locked in position on their corresponding reel during a winning streak. Once an entire reel is locked the pod will fire onto the symbols, causing one to explode and turn into a wild. Three wilds already locked on a reel will award another wild on a random position on the reels.

The Golden Age of the Robots Has Arrived

Nuts & Bolts is a fun slot game that introduces clever gameplay tricks such as the winning streak system that help spice things up for players - and also make up for the relatively low basic wins available.

Once you have started working on this unique robot factory, you will simply not be able to return to your day job ever again.

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