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Queen of Winter Wins

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Queen of Winter Wins Slot

When playing Queen of Winter Wins, we feel it requires a player that has a fondness for tales like Frozen. It isn’t a necessity, but nobody can deny that these two very different mediums have a similar aesthetic and atmosphere: there’s magic, an icy queen, and a towering fortress of ice. Yup, this is Gamesys’ take on the popular Disney film.

Okay, so in truth it has nothing to do with Elsa and her powers, but we mean it when we say that the likeness is uncanny. Inside this 3x5 matrix, gamers will work towards obtaining winning streaks, a trait that is specific to this title. We thought that Gamesys had just found yet another name for cascading reels, but there’s in fact no cascading but rather conventional spins.

Ice Burn

We’ve yet to find anyone that enjoys getting ice burns, but when it comes to the touch of this queen, you’ll be begging for her frozen touch throughout the game. The reason being is that this frosty lady can unleash her powers whenever you form a win, a power that will trigger the Winning Streak. You’ll be aware of when it happens because the winning icons will frost over and remain in place.

Thereafter, the remaining icons will spin again, and should more matching symbols be found they too will freeze in place. If you manage to get a whole reel of frozen tiles, the Queen will dislodge the icicles hanging above each column and let it transform a random icon into a wild. If you get that five times in a row, you end up with some beefy wins; it happened to us and it was quite the spectacle.

Low Paying Fruit

Instead of low hanging, we have low paying symbols inside this matrix. Gamesys isn’t a company known for dishing out the coins, but we had to say that this is one of their lower paying slot machines. The top paying image is just 300 credits, which is in fact a small sum of money for an online slot.

To make matters even more precarious, you have the knowledge that while there are 12 symbols to create combos from, there’s nothing in the way of special features. Yes, there’s the aforementioned Winning Streak, but that hardly counts as a high variance characteristic of the game. Maybe we’re expecting too much, but modern slot machines should do more than simply look the part, don’t you think?

Frozen Nuts

If you’re looking for the opposite of what you find here, but in the same matrix format: a title that doesn’t exactly look good, but offers decent variance, you’ll want to play Nuts and Bolts. This is a slot machine also from Gamesys. Seeing as this is from the same brand, you can expect the same level of interactiveness, however their industrialised reels seem to have a greater range of depth.

Is the Return That Good?

It isn’t often that we comment on the RTP, at least not in depth, but we feel it has to be done when playing Queen of Winter Wins. The reason being is that, according to the paytable, as much as 95.06 credits will be paid out if you wager 100. Call us sceptical, but we don’t see this happening somehow.

Even though we played this game and experienced quick successes, we only won approximately 0.70 credits during the Winning Streak Feature. That’s right, such a little amount for all that random luck falling into place at the right time. And so, when taking that into account, we find the likelihood of winning back the majority of your wager a questionable one. As always, we’d like to be wrong about this, and so we wish you luck on proving us so very wrong on this one.

Winter Is Coming

Queen of Winter Wins is a slot machine that doesn’t live up to the brand it’s created by.Gamesys has developed such stunning titles, most of which have a reasonable level of immersion. But that doesn’t happen here. Instead we have a rather rigid interface that does nothing more than show us a women who can shoot ice from her hands. It sounds very magical, but it really isn’t when you’ve been playing for half an hour and you’re still losing more than you win.

This real cash slot is a gap filler; it’s not meant to be the main attraction of your gaming experience, but a stopgap while you find other titles. We understand that such titles are needed, but that doesn’t mean we have to like reviewing them. There’s just too many of them out there – it’s like brands don’t aim high anymore.

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