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Under Construction

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Under Construction Slot Machine

As the age-old saying goes, when going gets tough, only tough get going. So, if you want to make a mark in the world of online slots, you will need to toughen up a little bit, and get things done the old fashioned way. How about a bunch of garage-meets-carpentry tasks? How adept are you with toolboxes? And wall painting – is that your forte? Can you fix stuff around your house? Do you find it riveting to get a broken down car up and running yourself?

Well, if you do, then look no farther than Under Construction, a video slot by Booming Games where winning doesn’t come easy, and you’ll be required to sweat it out. The only consolation is you’ll have a host of tools – from wilds to scatters and multipliers to gamble features – to make your life a tad simpler.

As Unique as It Can Be

We try to find (at times, ‘unearth’ is a more suited word), try out and review as many slots from as many developers as we can, you can find hundreds here on the site. Make no mistake – we love our slots, but as it turns out, some are quite prone to getting repetitive, both stylistically and thematically.

But then, a slot like Under Construction springs up, attracting our attention and peaking our interest once again. Quite frankly, Under Construction is the only slot of its kind that we’ve come across so far here, and trust us, we don’t get to say that often.

The theme of household and industrial ‘work-horsing’ with tools of all kinds is sure to appeal men and women of resources quite dearly. The design of the slot has been carried out in a way that it accentuates the theme, rather than merely supporting it. Instruction read out like real-life instruction boards at construction sites, and the backdrop of an actually-under-construction skyscraper further validates the whole idea.

Overall, so far as first impressions go, Under Construction surely scores top-notch points in our book!

The Gameplay

Under Construction, when it’s not too busy looking amazingly authentic, impresses you with its straightforward and no-nonsense gameplay that many, many players just crave for. It’s not really a thing that was entirely unexpected, though, because BG slots usually follow a standard template of keeping things simple and free of confusion like in their title Dark Spin.

Five reels and 25 paylines will be your primary tools here. Make the most of them, get them to help you in return, and well, see the magic happen. To accomplish you something truly extra-ordinary, we also have another set of tools – both regular and special.

Regular symbols include a variety of tools and instruments that you would usually expect to find at construction sites. A hacksaw and hammer, safety boots, a drill, a safety hat and a jackhammer are five symbol that make up the regular quota. They are all there to evoke the theme-spirit, but they spectacularly fail when it comes to paying out for good combinations. For example, even the highest paying symbol of this lot – the safety hat – pays a paltry sum of 6 coins, while the lowest paying symbol (hammer and saw). But hang on – there is hope!

Yes, you will have to resort to special symbols in order to first make up for your stakes, and then rake up some hard-earned profits. But it will all be worth it when you spot the wild (warning blocks) or the scatter (an electrical cutter) of this slot.

The wild possesses the usual powers of subbing and swapping with all other regular symbols, all the while paying you out handsomely if you strike combos solely involving it. For example, five-on-five combinations involving the wild pay out a sizeable mini-jackpot worth 75 coins, while similar combos involving 3 and 4 wild symbols make you 3 and 7.50 coins richer.

The scatter, however, is the boss of them all. For five-of-its-kind combinations, it dishes out a bounty worth 90 coins, while 4-on-5 combinations involving itself shower riches worth 37.50 coins upon you. And lest we overlook the mention of it, three or more scatters automatically unlock absolutely free spins – to celebrate your good luck!

One to Improve Upon

Under Construction is a slot that is all but under construction. It is as good as a slot as you are every likely to find in the BG catalogue, and it scores some extra brownie points for being extremely unique in theme and thought. It plays out immaculately well, but the payouts are nothing to rave about. Perhaps, with that base improved, this could be a real cracker of a slot.

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