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Sweet Robots

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
Casino of the year 2019 Read Casino Review

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For all new players at Cafe Casino


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Sweet Robots Slot

If the signs are anything to go by, we are closer than ever to living a world virtually run by machines. The logical extension of this would be a world ruled by robots, and hence, it would do us a world of goods to befriend some of those.

Sweet Robots is one slot that lets you do exactly that. Booming Games has really has really given their catalogue – otherwise swarmed by slots devoid of much action like Cosmic Fruit – a shot in the arm with this one. Special symbols, gambling features, bonus rounds, expanding symbols and a whole lot of cutely mechanical gameplay action means that you will be hooked to this slot before you could get through your first spin.

So, are you ready to enter the future? Read on, if the answer is in the affirmative…

A Bout of Robotic Fun

If classic Hollywood movies have taught us one thing, we need to know that robots are not things that one should mess with. Therefore, it’s always a better ploy in the long run to be on the right side of the line and befriend these mechanical daredevils. It’s not totally an exercise in friendship, though – there is a host of goodies in terms of casino credits and coins to be won. So, be careful about your moves, and well, trust your instincts.

As many of our avid readers and slot fans would know, Booming Games slots usually feature a bitcoin variant of credit. Sweet Robots is not an exception, either. If you are already a step ahead of the most of us, you would have it really easy to put money at stake here, using your bitcoin codes and withdrawing winnings directly to your bitcoin wallet.

Booming Laws of Mechanics

Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of classical physics and mechanics do not necessarily hold true all across the universe, and Einstein proved that to us. Going a step ahead, BG seems to be intent on proving that when it comes to robots, only Booming laws of mechanics prevail.

And when you launch Sweet Robots, you better stick by these laws. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines for you to work your way up the hierarchy, from being an amateur who only knows how to lose coins in a heap to an expert who knows nothing but to accumulate coins in a stash.

Wagers, as mentioned earlier, can be made quite easily, whatever be your choice of payment. Once you have money at stake, you can go ahead to knock those bulky mechanical reels into motion, giving the cute robots on display a chance to gather and regroup to reveal what hides in the store for you.

Having 20 paylines for 5 reels is usually a good way to go about things, even though the optimum number for these many reels is generally considered to be 30 or above. Lack of symbols makes up a good case for consistent winning spins, as we observed first hand. Dead spins were too few and too far between, and even the most ordinary of combos were potent enough to break us even, if not land us up in the profit territory.

Sweet Robots Symbols - Know What Counts

Knowing which symbols count towards sizeable winnings is a good way to go about this slot. All the symbols used here invariably allude to a world of robots. The lowest paying symbol looks like a steel propeller, and it pays a lowly sum worth 2.10 coins, for rare 5-on-5 combinations. Of course, it’s in no way going to make up for your wagers, and hence, we need to quickly assess what lies up the hierarchy.

All other regular symbols are adorable robots. Among those, a brown coloured one seems to pay the highest – 15 coins for 5-of-its-kind combinations.

Magenta and green coloured time-bombs play the wild and the scatter of this slot, respectively. The wild symbol can be used as a substitute for all regular symbols. When it lands on any active line in all 5 squares, it showers upon you a mini-jackpot of 120 coins.

The scatter, on the other hand, triggers free spins according to its appearance frequency (minimum 3).

Robotic and Hypnotic

Sweet Robots is an eccentric slot to say the least – but, in a good way. Regardless of flimsy payouts, the slot has enormous potential to keep players entertained, and that certainly has to be its main feature. The design is clean, symbols are quirky and the slot is, in an overall point of view, memorable. But, that, we are afraid, is that, and there are plenty of exciting games available to play for free.

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