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Word Candy Casino Game

Do you consider yourself a master of vocabulary? Perhaps you can't get enough of word puzzles like crosswords and word searches? Well, why not satisfy your love of words while giving yourself the chance to win some money with this unique game of chance and literacy.

Word Candy by Core Gaming software is far from being an ordinary slot machine. In fact, it can't really be considered a slot machine at all. Instead, the game is all about creating different words with random letters to win prizes worth up to 60,000 credits. So, dust of those dictionaries and flex your brain box for some gambling action with an intelligent twist.

Word up

This gambling game is all about words – you know those things that you're reading right now. From “squire” to “earl”, “path” to “piazza” and from “zero” to “forty”, logophile players of this polyglottal game will be presented with a gluttony of lexicon, so be sure to have your thesauruses and dictionaries at the ready.

Effectively, the game works like a scrabble board or crossword, revealing a random selection of intercrossing words whenever punters press the “Buy Card” button. Once the grid of vocabulary is filled, players then have 18 chances to pick from the board of “?” icons that appear to the right hand side of the screen.

Each pick will reveal a letter from the alphabet which will cause all other instances of the letter to be highlighted on the word board. So, the aim of the game effectively is to find enough letters so that entire words are highlighted on the crossword.

Why? Because whenever that happens, there is a chance that a prize will be rewarded to the player.

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Word Candy

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Up to £60,000 for the Winning

This game might seem a little bit Daedalian and discombobulating at first, but it shouldn't take more than a few goes until players get the hang of it. In fact, when it comes to putting down the stakes, players have only one option, which is a £3 buy in for every “card” of words. As such, there is only one set of possible wins to worry about as well, with an ultimate jackpot prize of £60,000 smackers.

To begin with, the game will give players their £3 stake back if they happen to find three full words on the game board. After that however, the prizes begin to rise quite sharply, meaning that every additional highlighted word will make for more lucrative potential wins. You can see all of the possible prizes in the paytable that is shown at the left-hand side of the game screen, or you can check out our replication below:

Number of highlighted words
Return from £3 stake
3 words
4 words
5 words
6 words
7 words
8 words
9 words
10 words
11 words
12 words

Sit Back and Let the Game Play

Like we have said, this wordy gambling game is incredibly straight-forward to play. However, bettors can make it even easier for themselves by opting to use the game's “Auto Play” feature. This button appears below the grid of “?” buttons, allowing players to skip the possible problem of indecision and have the game randomly select their 18 letters for them.

Have Your Cake and Eat It

Having tried this gambling game out a few times, we have discovered that it is actually quite difficult to create any amount of words on the randomly created boards. So, it is safe to say that wins are not going to come around with every turn. However, we did seem to have more luck with the Word Candy bonus game which is activated whenever three cherry icons are collected while choosing the letters in the base game.

This bonus feature will take punters to a new screen, where a three tiered cake is show with a word on each level. The aim of the game is simply to spin the wheel and see if any letters are revealed to match the words on the cake. Of course, the bigger the word, the bigger the potential bonus prize will be.

One for Word Lovers

Word Candy may not be comparable to any slot machine out there, but that is the beauty of the game by Core Gaming software. In fact, this gambling game more accurately resembles a scratch card with a literary twist. As such, the game is bound to appeal to anyone who considers themselves a lover of words. That said, with a £60,000 jackpot, the game is sure to attract plenty of punters, no matter how good their vocabulary is.

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