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It’s been said many times before, but it is undoubtedly good to be the king. Anything that can make you feel on top of the world is always welcome, especially in the world of gambling, where the royal treatment usually means that you’re winning big prize money and jackpots left and right.

That’s certainly the case in Be the King, a simple but exciting online casino game that can be found at sites including the well-known LeoVegas mobile casino.

In this game, you’ll simply be revealing coins at random on one big screen, racking up prizes as you go. But that simple format hides a surprising amount of depth and strategy, as well as a press-your-luck component that allows people to play this game in the style that best fits them.

Follow the Money

Be the King starts with a very simple screen, where you’ll be asked to set the amount you’d like to play for on the upcoming round. The version we’ve played allows bets ranging from £1 to £10, with the top prize being 100,000 times the amount of your bet – or potentially up to £1 million if you make the maximum bet, making this game very high pay-out in theory.

Once you’ve locked in your bet, you’ll be presented with 50 spots laid out in a 5x10 grid. When we played the game, it was customized for LeoVegas, which meant that each of the boxes in the game carried an “LV” logo.

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Be the King

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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The object of the game is to find chips by opening up these boxes. Of the grid, 40 of the spots will be empty and reveal nothing; only 10 actually have chips behind them. Before you pick, you’ll be alerted to the prize you’ll collect should you reveal a coin on your next selection at the top of the screen.

Of course, this game doesn’t allow you to pick for an unlimited amount of time. Each time you reveal an empty box, you’ll see your potential prize money go down. If you miss four times in a row, then the game is over, and you win nothing. However, should you find a chip, it will reset your counter, and it will take four misses to eliminate you from the game again.

Once you’ve had at least one hit, you’ll see a new option appear at the bottom of the screen: the cash out button. Here, you’ll see just how much you stand to win should you choose to end the game immediately. Like the amount you stand to earn if you uncover a new chip, you’ll also see this amount decrease each time you get a strike.

This is how the game continues: your prizes decreasing every time you hit an empty spot, and then increasing (and resetting your “lives”) each time you manage to find a winning spot. Typically, a round will end in one of two ways: either you will lose by going four turns in a row without finding anything, or you will choose to cash out at some point rather than risking what you’ve earned so far. Should you manage to find all 10 chips, you’ll win the maximum possible amount.

Play It Safe, Or Go For Broke?

It’s hard to say that players can really implement any game strategy to improve their odds in Be the King, as the game appears to be designed to provide consistent returns. Prizes are calculated on an ongoing basis using a formula designed to create a return to player of just over 92%, regardless of whether you cash out immediately when you find a coin or go for the top prize every time. It’s also worth noting that the results are not predetermined: the random number generator really does place the chips in different spots every time, so players always have the potential to get lucky or not based on where they choose to click – though that still doesn’t give players any chance to think strategically.

The real decision points come in determining just how much risk you’re willing to take. It’s easy when you find your first coin and realize that you’ll get less than double your original stake if you cash out now. But hit four or five coins, and it can be hard to balance whether you want to take a fairly significant payout or keep pressing for an even bigger win. We’ve often made sure we at least take one shot at continuing on each time we find a new prize symbol, but even that does cost you a quarter of your earnings if you come up emptyhanded on your search.

Regardless of the strategy, however, Be the King is a surprisingly fun and entertaining game that fits in nicely with otherspecialty online casino products. With enough depth to make you think at least a little bit, this is a title that can make for a nice game at the end of a taxing session for those gamblers who don’t want to go completely on autopilot when they check out an instant win style offering.

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