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Football Frenzy Casino Games

A theme that never tires in the face of repetition or overuse, not to mention one that consistently pulls the largest proportion of players each and every year without fail – sports remain as relevant in the iGaming world today as they ever have been, or will be. Offered up as paid or free Football Frenzy – by those geniuses over at CORE Gaming – is yet another in an insanely long line of compelling and truly hard hitting top tier sports themed online gamblers.

Akin to a game of table football in play style and more, or so said the hype prior to release, excitement was high in the days and weeks leading up to getting stuck in to this title - from a team that has consistently proven itself time and time again. Free or paid, whatever your preference, this one was said to be for everyone.

How’s It Looking?

From the moment the interface loads, in fact even during the load itself, it’s remarkably obvious how much effort has been put into making this a title relatable to the huge console-specific games out there. There’s never going to be all that much on offer which allows you to make direct comparisons to the likes of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer – and indeed the similarities (to the latter) end at the home screen – but you have to admire the effort, regardless.

On this note, players who are prone to an interest in football will get ahead here. Graphics are a great deal more important for sporting titles than for online casino games. Whether mobile-optimised or not, many developers today are expected to maintain a stark contrast in visual quality between the two genres.

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Football Frenzy

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What’s It All About, Then?

First things first then, let’s pick apart the mechanics and see what’s really up for grabs here. Stakes begin on the paid version at a basic £1 and the most high-paying combinations can net players as much as £250,000 dependent on stake size. Alright then, that’s probably about all most will need to know on that subject!

When fully loaded, players are presented with the options of running through a demo game feature, or getting started right away. To get started immediately, simply nudge start and select your max bet amount. Once that’s done, you’ll be presented with the battleground: an alluring and vibrant bird-eye view of a static match. Players affixed to permanent zones of play much like table football and a host of additional icons, bells and whistles that give away the true nature of the console.

The mechanism is a wonderfully simple one. The direction of the gamblers strike rotates 180 degrees from left to right and it’s the duty of the player to select when the ball is released. When released, the ball dodges around the field of play in a highly entertainment – though completely beyond control – manner until it comes to rest. Each of the locations possible for it stop in result in a different outcome. Whereas one may award points or a bonus round, another may end the round and swallow the players credit. It recalls in many ways classic pinball.

The ultimate goal is to guide the ball into one of the top prizes at the footer of the display. Additionally, landing your shot onto the penalty hole will trigger the Penalty Bonus – a round that gives players a chance to strike directly against the houses goalkeeper and offers the biggest multiplier capabilities of them all.

Where do the Limits Place It?

Thematically, there’s no doubt this game is well suited to sports fans across the board. When it comes to the section of the gaming market it is most palatable for in terms of real cash stakes, that’s a different story altogether. We’re looking at a theoretical payback rate of about 90% here, which leaves very little margin for error when a player is throwing on high stakes.

High roller or not, the underlying advice here is to play for lower stakes than usual on a custom theme game like this one – at least at first! All of this aside, the game is widely available and could probably be found in conjunction with a free no deposit deal, if that’s a more attractive route.

When All is Said and Done

Online gambling has been revolutionised time and time again by games just like this one. Those developers who dare to stray from the usual path cluttered with the latest casino games and slots are the ones truly worth of any players interest.

Football Frenzy is another solid release from the team at CORE Gaming. The graphics are fast and up to the standard you’d expect from a developer of their prevalence touting a game of this theme, it’s mechanics are smooth and well balanced and its bonuses and payout capabilities keep things above board – not to mention nice and competitive throughout the course of play.

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