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Pharaoh’s Diamonds Slot

Pharaoh’s Diamonds is an ancient Egyptian-themed casino game from Cayetano with diamonds on the reels and a unique playing style. 

Instead of the regular reels and paylines you find in normal casino games, in Pharaoh’s Diamonds players have to pick a set of numbers then spin to see how many of the chosen numbers match with the Pharaoh’s. If you get them all right you could win the €250,000 top jackpot! 

This fun game has a whole new vibe for players looking for an alternative to the usual casino games, so head to Egypt and pick your lucky numbers! 

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Pharaoh’s Diamonds

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Starting Your Egyptian Adventure 

Pharaoh’s Diamonds has an opulent background of palm trees, golden statues with a building in the centre of the screen which could be the entrance to the Pharaoh’s temple. A blue sky covers the top of the screen while the colourful setting and symbols add vibrancy and energy to the game. 

The numbers and diamonds are set out in the temple entrance and the gem stones all have individual colours, including blue, yellow, green, purple and red, while the numbers are all written in an ancient script to look like Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the background tinkling music plays out on a xylophone while middle Eastern-sounding stringed instruments add to the exotic atmosphere. 

This casino game does not have the usual paylines and each time you spin the reels this counts as one bet. You can change your bet by clicking on the plus and minus buttons next to the ‘total stake’ display. This lets you pick a stake from €0.50 up to a maximum bet per spin of €1,000. 

The flashing writing tells you that your chance of hitting the big jackpot is bigger when you bet larger amounts, so high rollers have an increased incentive to play their maximum bets. There is also an option to play automatic spins for up to 25 spins using the same numbers, while for those who like speedier gaming, select ‘reveal’ all to show the numbers straight away instead of slowly one at a time.

Pick Lucky Numbers to Win the Treasure

This casino game has a massive top jackpot prize of €250,000, which is triggered by getting all 8 numbers correct in your line up. The gameplay is similar to guessing lottery numbers in that you have to pick a random selection of numbers and get as many to match with the special hidden number as possible. The more matches you get, the bigger your reward. 

You can pick your numbers manually yourself by selecting the ‘you pick’ button and clicking on your favourite numbers. You can also choose to make an automatic selection by clicking the ‘quick pick’ button. If you want to use the same numbers as last time, simply click ‘last pick’ and your previous numbers will be filled in as your selection. 

Your payout is decided by the numbers you guess correctly. Hitting 1 match gets you a reward of 0.5x your bet, while 2 matches gives you 1x your bet. If you guess 3 numbers correctly you receive 2x your bet, while 4 matches pays 5x your bet. Hitting 5 matching numbers rewards you with 10x your bet and 6 matches pay a huge 50x your bet. For the biggest rewards you can hit 7 matches to receive a huge 500x your bet, or match all 8 special numbers to trigger the jackpot of an incredible €250,000! 

Unique Lottery Style Game with Big Rewards for High Rollers

The Egyptian theme of Pharaoh’s Diamonds is unoriginal, however, the style of play is refreshingly different from your usual casino games. The alternative gameplay alone will tempt many players to try their luck with the Pharaoh. 

The €250,000 top jackpot is a great prize and certainly beats the jackpot of many other casino games, however, the chance of guessing all 8 numbers correctly seems rather low. That being said, we did manage to hit a fair number of successful matches with 3 and 4 numbers right many times. 

Your chances of hitting the biggest jackpot increase the more you bet, so this game is much better suited to higher rollers than low rollers if the big rewards are important to you. 

So, in conclusion, it is worth having a spin on this game to try out the refreshing new lottery-style approach. But unless you are a high roller, you are unlikely to hit the biggest of the Pharaoh’s rewards.

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