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Super Wheel Casino Game

If you’re looking for simple, quick fun at a land-based casino, there are few options better than the “Big Wheel” family of games. These have never been the most popular options at any resort, but you’ll pretty much invariably find at least one on every gaming floor. They usually have the lowest betting limits in the casino, often allow play in cash, and stand out as perhaps the most casual table gaming experience available for mass market players.

While online gambling sites offer much more variety in game selection for players of all levels, the wheel has still found a place among the collections of many Internet casinos. One example is Play N’ Go’s Super Wheel, a faithful recreation of this classic gambling standby. There are no surprises in this offering, but for those who love these types of games, it should definitely fit the bill.

Find Your Lucky Number

The object of Super Wheel is to predict what number the ticket on a large, spinning disk will stop on during each spin. To begin with, the player must place at least one bet on the table. Betting sizes are highly customizable: you can select chips in various denominations, and you may place several chips on a single spot. Minimums and maximums vary by table; in most cases, however, you must bet a total of at least one unit (dollar, euro, or other currency) across the table.

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Super Wheel

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino

For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Bets are made by placing chips on any of the seven betting spots located at the bottom of the screen (the simulated felt area). Players may wager on the 1, 3, 5, 11, or 23 spots, as well as the clovers or the horseshoe. Each of these spots conveniently pays out at the same odds that the numbers would suggest, as follows:

  • 1: Even Money (1-1)
  • 3: 3-1
  • 5: 5-1
  • 11: 11-1
  • 23: 23-1
  • Clovers: 47-1
  • Horseshoe: 47-1

After you’ve placed your bets, you may click the spin button in order to start the action. The wheel will go into motion, making a couple of full rotations before randomly coming to a stop on one of the 52 spaces. As you would expect, more spaces are devoted to the lower-value prizes; meanwhile, there is just one spot each for the clovers and the horseshoe, making them every difficult to hit.

Once the disc stops, all losing bets will be collected, and all winning wagers will be paid out. If you’d like to play the next spin with the same bets, you can simply hit the rebet button to quickly reach the same settings. If you’ve ever set your bets up but decide you’d like to change your wagers, you can hit the “clear all” button to start over again.

Similarities to Roulette

The realm of specialty games is generally one in which luck plays a much bigger role than skill. That’s absolutely the case here, as the software generates random results, and there is nothing you can do to change that. No matter what you bet on, it will take luck to win, and there are no decisions you can make or techniques you can use to improve your odds.

In fact, we don’t even have any particular advice for you on which bets to make. Much like in roulette, all of the bets carry the same house edge, as each one is calibrated to pay out fairly for a game that contains 48 spaces. Of course, this particular one has 52 spaces instead, and that’s where the casino gets its house edge from.

Speaking of the house edge, in this game, it comes in at 7.69%. That’s a relatively high number, above what you would see in most table games. It’s more similar to a fairly good slot machine than options like blackjack or baccarat, but that’s hardly surprising: specialty games have a tendency to carry higher house edges, especially if they are as easy to play as this game is.

Accurate Representation for Fans

It’s hard to go on at much length about Super Wheel, as this style of game is very straightforward and contains few features or gameplay elements. You place your bets, your number hits (or it doesn’t), and you move on to the next round.

In that regard, Super Wheel is a very faithful adaptation of this casino classic. The presentation is attractive enough, and Play N’ Go made the smart decision to keep things simple rather than needlessly cluttering the screen. That makes this version fast and easy to play, which is what most people want in this sort of game.

That means that is game is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing Big Wheel tables at live casinos – but it probably won’t appeal to anyone else. If you’ve never gambled on this sort of table before, then you’ll probably find the action here too simplistic to be worth your while, especially if you like games that feature some interactivity. But for those who are looking to recapture the magic they feel in watching each spin at a casino or carnival, this creation will provide exactly what they are looking for.

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