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Dice Fortune Casino Games

Casino games can come in many shapes and if most of them follow a similar patterns, players do sometimes come across something truly original.

Dice Fortune is a casino game created by the Stake Logic team and inspired by old-school dice games. Players will enjoy a 2-part gameplay, with an element of strategy and plenty of big wins to collect through some hidden special features.

So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Dice Fortune and see what the best ways to hit the jackpot are. Get the dice rolling and see where fortune leads you.

Old-School Settings for a Quick Start

Dice Fortune looks a little different from other modern casino games in order to accommodate its original gameplay, as you will soon realize.

In terms of pure graphic quality, we must admit that Dice Fortune does not really compare with the vast majority of casino games on the current market. The background is an almost uniform shade of dark blue, with the reels and paytable floating on top.

What does strike the eye of the player is the presence of what looks like 4 different, small reel sets instead of just one. Let’s see what that implies in terms of gameplay in the next section of our review.

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Dice Fortune

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A 2-Part Gameplay

In order to start betting in Dice Fortune, you will have to understand the original, 2-part dynamic of the game before you place your first bet.

Forget about paylines for a moment, all you need to do first is choose a coin value thanks to the command bar under the reels. Click the start button to roll the dice. Combinations of 3 dice in a column will start appearing in the middle of the screen, and you task is to assign them to one of the 4 reel sets available. By filling up these reel sets, you can form combinations of identical dice and win some points.

The points you collect are translated into cash prizes according to the paytable located in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen. As usual, a higher coin value also means that your potential rewards will grow bigger. And that is it, you are now ready to go. Let’s take a look at the dice themselves next, and you will see that the developers tried to make some original choices in order to spice up the game a little.

Plenty of Dice to Choose From

As mentioned previously, dice combinations award points which are later converted into cash rewards. The more points you get across the 4 sets, the greater your reward becomes once you have assigned all the dice on the screen.

Each reel set contains 5 paylines, and each basic winning combinations features 3 identical dice. The most common of them are the traditional 6 faces, with an increasing value going up to 60 points.

The last 3 dice represent the numbers 3, 4 and 5 in Chinese characters. You can win up to 120 points with combinations of these dice. Check out the cash paytable to see how that would translate in terms of good-old cash rewards, according to your current settings.

Final Bonuses

Just like more traditional casino games, Dice Fortune also includes bonus features that can help lucky players maximize their payouts instantly.

The bonus dice can form combinations that award a free spin in the wheel of fortune bonus game. Spin the wheel to win between 100 and 1,000 points at once, which can translate in a super big win immediately. The mystery casino on the wheel of fortune adds a x100 multiplier on your next win on the wheel, which can dramatically increase your payout as a result.

Lastly, you should know that filling up a reel set with 9 identical dice award a 200-point bonus. In the same way, scoring combinations in all 4 reel sets multiple your payout by 2, and scoring in 3 reel sets multiplies it by 1.5.

A New Dimension for Players to Enjoy

Dice Fortune might by extremely simple and basic in terms of graphics, and it does not really provide players with a very rich game universe either, but the game has plenty of other qualities.

If you like to play strategically, you will love Dice Fortune’s gameplay. Placing the dice in the best position possible is at the centre of the gameplay, and you will have to think ahead and plan your next move if you want a chance at scoring the most points possible.

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