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Polar Adventure Slot Machine

Being frozen, shivering against a harsh wind is most people's idea of hell on Earth – we long for warmth and protection from the elements, a lot of us moaning when the weather turns sour. On the other hand, we appreciate the beauty that comes from the ice and snow, a harshness that is gentle in appearance but brutal on our senses.

Polar Adventure is your way of having it all, you can have the heat from your central heating or the sun, but the coolness of a brisk night as you tuck down in your igloo, a husky huddling up to you for extra warmth. Having seen dozens of stereotypical themed slot machines, this one from World Match excited us.

Keeping the popular format of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines, this game has a lot of room for you to manoeuver and herald in a few wins. What is more, you can go fishing in the icy waters and pull out a block of ice that, when chipped back, will grant you a €2,500 jackpot.

Polar Adventure is a whole lot of winter without the expected festivities in tow; it’s marvelous.

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Polar Adventure

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino
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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Howling Wolves

Seeing as your car is going to be out of action when you’re here, you might as well get used to sleighs. The mode of transport that pulls you along can bring in a diverse array of coins, dependent on how many of the sledge tile you find: three equals 15 credits, four a slightly bigger 25, and five will see a raise to 100.

The brave huskies that are going to bear the brunt of your weight score a lot higher on the money scale, clearly seen as superior to a lot of the arctic amenities that litter the reels. Granted a pack of three won’t bring in much dough, but four or five and you’ll be seeing up to 250 coins.

Naturally, you’re at the top of the food chain, bringing in more money than most people can shake a stick at; 2,500 credits can be yours if you find five of the male polar explorer. Of course, as this is a slot machine, and one from World Match at that, the chances of getting that amount are slim. Not impossible, but still unlikely.

Action to Warm You Up

Frostbite is no joke, and if you don’t stay warm Jack Frost will be doing more than nipping at your nose. To avoid freezing to death you need to keep busy, and busy means spinning. Normally the rounds will cost you money, but with the free spins symbols you get to roll through the game for the duration of 12 free rounds. Even better is that a x2 multiplier is added to any successes you experience upon the winlines, making the rounds most fortuitous.

It’s Cold Outside

We hate to keep driving it home, but it’s extremely cold out here. You could resort to burning your money to create a fire, but we think your cash will be better spent placing a stake. In Polar Adventure the beginning amount is a mere 0.01, though players can steadily increase that price up to 1 credit. We doubt you’ll be upset to part with either amount, though do keep in mind that the bet levels are per line not overall.

One of the best things about playing this slot machine though, besides throwing snowballs, is the autoplay feature. This is because you can set it to play up to 1,000 waves without you - think of the time you’ll save yourself! You could go shopping and come back before the reels are done (maybe not, but close enough).

Deep Freeze

This slot machine won us over when it revealed to us that it wasn’t a Christmas game, but then it proved it had worth beyond that design positive. It isn’t overflowing with choices and features, but it’s quiet in its brilliance, and it will see in plenty of money for many users; that to us is a good slot machine.

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