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Supercars Challenge Slot

What is it about the squeal of tyres and the scent of gasoline that’s so satisfying? Petrolheads will be in seventh heaven with Supercars Challenge, which takes all the thrills of the racetrack and adapts it for a slot-playing audience.

All the ingredients that make motor racing so exciting (bar the aroma of high-octane fuel, which is probably for the best) are present and accounted for. This is a WorldMatch game, which means this baby’s guaranteed to handle like a dream. Before you invest your hard-earned in a spin or 50, let’s take a moment to kick the tyres, look under the hood and see what this speed demon has to offer...

The Need for Speed

It would really suck if a game that promises to represent high-speed motor racing handled like a Sinclair C5 (if you’re too young to get that reference, Google it). Mercifully, Supercars Challenge lives up to its billing, delivering a slick, smoothly animated gaming experience that’s extremely enjoyable.

The graphics – gorgeous and three-dimensional – will elicit nostalgic memories of the racing games that may well have been a formative part of your adolescence. Think Need For Speed or Gran Turismo with the added reward of being able to win money while playing.

If you’re happy to just sit back and watch the action unfold, the autoplay button will do the hard work for you. Simply press Stop when you’re ready to regain control of the wheel. For those in a hurry, Supercars Challenge also comes with a fast play option that executes stop automatically.

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Supercars Challenge

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Revved up and Ready to Win

The game symbols comprise cars and car parts, some of which you’ll readily identify (that’ll be a wheel then) and others you can probably hazard a guess at (engine-y thing). There’s also a red nitro button, gas pump and yellow high performance car.

The free spin and wild symbols look very similar, which is a minor inconvenience but one worth noting nonetheless: as you’re whizzing through the wheels, it’s easy to confuse one for the other, despite the overlaid text denoting their function, due to the identical rev counter that each symbol sports.

The playing zone is framed in the style of a car grille, with a tyre motif across the top. Sound effects, meanwhile, are ultra-realistic and best savoured with the volume cranked up. Close your eyes and you could be at Silverstone, such is the convincing roar of the supercars that feature in the game. Spin the reels and you’ll be greeted by an ‘80s-style synth soundtrack that makes you wanna wind down the windows, put the pedal to the metal and head for the open road – but not before notching up a few wins.

Slots of Fun

If you’ve ever spun the reels of a video slot, the dashboard of Supercars Challenge will require no introduction. The game’s five reels equate to 25 pay lines, with the stake-per-play set at a maximum of 25 coins.

Scoop the jackpot and you’ll drive away with 2,000 coins. To achieve that feat, you’ll need to score five red nitro buttons in a row. Selecting the Bet Max option will deduct 50 coins for every spin. Every time you notch up a win in Supercars Challenge, your winning combo will be identified by a strikethrough line denoting the symbols in question.

Cars and Bars

In action, Supercars Challenge is about as straightforward as a video slots get – not that slots ever tend to be complex affairs, admittedly. Play is as simple as hitting the Start button and watching the reels tumble into line. Granted, there’s not much skill involved – persistence is key here – but playing the WorldMatch 5-reeler never feels like a slog. It’s an exhilarating ride from start to finish, which shows how big a role presentation plays in enhancing the user experience.

Thanks to its gorgeous graphics and roaring soundtrack, you’ll come away from Supercars Challenge nursing an overwhelming urge to dig out your old games console and revisit your favourite racing games.

Supercars Challenge doesn’t grant you the same thrill as an actual video game – after all, you’re just pushing a button rather than weaving your way around a computer-generated racetrack – but with the lure of pay-outs and bonuses to collect, the lack of actual speed is more than compensated for by the payday you can enjoy for successfully matching winning combos.

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