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It’s tricky to know where to start when discussing Love Lab. Chances are you won’t have seen another game like it. So has World Match got its equations right? Is this slot machine more good chemistry or bad science?

The Nutty Professor and Others

Unlike some other World Match games there isn’t an opening trailer. It’s hard not to think they haven’t already gone all out with the game itself. Straight away you are presented with this wacky lab, featuring an old scientist, his various concoctions and the red-headed ‘babe’ he is trying to er, drug. Let’s just call it a magic potion. Light-hearted game as this is, it might have been smoother to change the potion to an elixir making him young and handsome but oh well.

Mind you, it’s clear from the icons we’re not meant to take this game too seriously. Our Einstein (complete with comedy moustache) has all kinds of wacky poses, including one where the chemicals fall on his head, another where he’s holding a super big syringe and another when he’s in the throes of the sexy redhead. Other distinctive icons include his fantasy of the redhead in a bikini, one where she is drinking the potion while spilling it all over herself and one where the chemical reaction has gone highly toxic.

The reels don’t feel as noticeable, meaning there doesn’t seem such a distinction between foreground and background. In fact the numbering of the 25 different winning lines are so subtle you’ll have to look out carefully to see them (there are also diagrams on the paytable page).

If you look even closer, you can see the scientist in the mist of his seduction with the lingerie-clad lady. On the edges of the screen are the more conventional jars and test tubes filled with different coloured chemicals. The icon to most look out for is when our scientist gets his eureka moment of discovery. It’s worth the game’s maximum of 2,500 credits for 5.

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Love Lab

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Weird Science

The game has the traditional navigation traits from World Match in that playing the game and changing the settings are easy to do. The 25 line game can be played at 1, 5, 10, 15 and 25, with the betting options on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 credits. If you’re feeling fully confident, you can go straight to Max Bet and 100 credits, though it’s worth noting that these credits are only in cents and Euros. If you want to take it easy you can use Autoplay that has 7 different settings, ranging from 5 to 1,000 spins.

The lines pay from left to right, although there can be cases when it pays from both sides. If this happens, the highest line plays. You can increase the chances of winning by having a Wildcard, which replaces all symbols except Free Spin and the Bonus Game. In keeping with the zaniness of the game, the lettering is in pink, the beaker pink and black and the liquid surrounding it is brown. Using bubbles as part of the sound is a really nice touch.

Chemical Bonuses

If you get 3 or more of the funky Free Spins signs you get access to 12 Free Spins, during which all prizes are doubled. The bet runs with the same lines and credits as the original bet. Hitting 5 of the signs also gets you 150 credits, 4 gives you 30 and 3 enables you to gain an extra 15 credits.

Seeing 3 Bonus symbols (the comical beaker leaking on head) gets you access to a special Bonus Game. If you click on all of the 6 test tubes containing the potion you will win the total triggered by the weird concoction. Certainly like no science class I was in! You’ll see the total on the counter, though there’s no way of knowing the minimum or maximum score available.

Scanning past the rules within the ‘i’ button reminds you of any options you might have missed, and how you can access them through the game toolbar controls. As well as allowing you the more basic settings of changing your bet, it also enables you to play in a faster mode, share your screen grab to social media and edit your balance.

Love it, or Hate it?

This is a game that really isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more maverick, silly and tongue-in-cheek game. The nature of it may offend some of the more sensitive gamers out there, but for everyone else there is a fun game with interesting bonuses. Either way, you won’t find any of these lessons in any science books.

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