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King Tut's Chamber Slot

There’s always been something exotic about Egypt. And that’s before you add in the mystique of King Tutankhamun (or his funkier name here of King Tut). Does World Match do a pharaoh job (boom boom) with incorporating such a famous figure into a fun slot machine game?

Layout King

Before anything else, it starts with a beginning video. Two trees slide away from each side to highlight the pyramid tomb within a dark night and full moon. The name of the game comes up in bright yellow before it disappears and the camera zooms in further on the pyramid.

The good impression continues as we enter the chamber. It is neat, tidy and carefully thought-out. The orange and red colours that come from the elevated flames in the background work well, especially over the yellow wall and sandy floor. In the background are detailed hieroglyphics which give a neat sense of what the era is all about. King Tut’s Chamber is in a bright yellow and has a clear text font. As the title is on the top of the temple-looking altar it merges well with the background. On either side of this altar are the 25 different line options.

In the 5 reels you can see how well-thought out the icons are. While plenty of other themed-games don’t make full use of the icons, here that isn’t a problem. You won’t recognise all of the 9 symbols, but they are certainly in keeping with the theme, not least King Tut’s majestic head. It really is head and shoulders above the rest.

What’s also really cool is how King Tut and the other icons come to life when they form a winning line. They spin round and seemingly jump out of their box, reflected by each having a different sound. Very impressive.

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King Tut's Chamber

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For all new players at Sloto’Cash Casino


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Play Like an Egyptian

This is a 5 reel, 25 line game that is as fun to play as it is nice to look at and flexible to change. Starting off with 1 line, you can increase it to 5, 10, 15 or 25. Changing the betting options is just as easy, where you can select 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 credits. If you’re fully confident you can also go straight to the Max Bet option of 200. It’s worth noting that these credits are only in cents and Euros.

The rulebook is within ‘i’ and under the ‘?’ button, which also gives details of the wildcard and bonuses, if in a small text. The Wildcard, represented by the word in yellow as well as by two relic sticks in the background, gives a greater chance of a winning line.

Within the trophy symbol you will find diagrams of the 25 winning lines. You’ll also see that 3 and more Free Spin symbols are worth credits, as well as 12 extra spins. Most games play left to right, though here it can also go right to left with the highest paying out.

The Wildcard replace every symbol except for the Free Spin, which has the same visual background of the two sticks. When Free Spins appears, you click on it to obtain an extra spin at the same level of lines and bet as your initial spin. On an individual Free Spin, it is also possible to win additional Magic Spins, Free Spins, Bonus Games and Bonus Spin Games. While these sound great, they are not fully explained.

Hieroglyphic Hierarchy

You really will learn while you earn. There’s a good possibility you won’t recognise all the symbols here, so it should make you curious to find out more.

No surprises that King Tut and his neme (striped design of the period) headdress is top of the pile. If you get 5 of them you get the game’s maximum score of 2,500 credits. Even if you get 4 of them, it is worth as much as 5 of the game’s next most valued symbol, the pharaoh in the form of a bird, 1,000 credits.

After this the value drops substantially. The cat pharaoh and upright cat are next with a maximum score of 250 credits, with the other symbols being a pyramid, scarab jewel (symbolising creation), the Ankh (symbolising enduring life) and an udjat (symbolising health).Worth least of all of them is a winged goddess symbol.

Tut’s Not in a Rut

This is a superb game. Visually this is one of the best out there, and unlike so many current other games, makes full use of all its symbols.

As with other World Match games, it’s really easy to share your scores and clearly see what you are playing and how you are doing. The bonuses are good, music is great and there are plenty of chances to win big credits. You may not wear a crown, but this game sure makes it look fun to be a king.

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