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Lucky Spell

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Lucky Spell Slot Machine

Slot game players are probably willing to try anything to increase their chances of hitting a big win, so why not try magic after all?

Lucky Spell is a video slot game created by Eyecon that is supposed to give players a thorough introduction to the dark arts. Open your spell book and start mixing all the ingredients to created the perfect spell that will make you rich before you know it.

To get to know Lucky Spell a little better before you start on the reels, take a moment to read our full review of the game…

Inside the Wizard’s Lair

Lucky Spell is all about classic, old-school magic that involves plenty of strange potions and funny animals.

The game screen itself contains a reel set and a paytable on permanent display on the right-hand side. The action is taking place in the laboratory of a real wizard. You can see him dressed in purple and holding a magic wand on the side. The room is at the top of a tower in a medieval castle, and the shelves in the room  are filled with spell books and other mysterious ingredients.

Lucky Spell might not be the most impressive game in terms of graphics alone, but it still manages to create a fun and engaging universe for players to enjoy, with plenty of background details. Now let’s look past the surface and examine the gameplay together in the next section.

Get Started on Your Spell

As it turns out, Lucky Spell is a surprisingly simple slot game with old-school rules and a basic gameplay.

The game matrix contains only 3 reels and a single payline that crosses them horizontally right in the middle. Quite obviously, your goal is to try and line up identical symbols onto this payline in order to trigger a cash reward.

The rewards you can score depend on the symbols that line up and the size of your wager. Use the arrows in the discrete command bar at the bottom of the game screen to increase or decrease your wager. Keep in mind that the more you choose to bet on the reels, the larger your future rewards can become. The paytable on the side will display these values accordingly. Speaking of which, let’s have a closer look at the paytable next.

3 Is Your Lucky Number

The paytable of Lucky Spell contains a nice selection of various reel symbols, all linked to the mysterious world of magic.

As you would have probably guessed, all winning combinations in the game consist of 3 identical symbols on the payline. The most common symbols are the dragons, owls, hourglasses and spell books. You can win up to 10 times your starting bet with these combinations, which is a rather slow start compared with other slot games.

The wizard’s hats, magic wands and enchanted gold rings make up the rest of the symbol menu. The maximum reward that you can get here is 50 times your bet thanks to a 3-ring combination. If you look closely enough, you will notice that Lucky Spell features two different game modes.

One Final Little Surprise

Slot games are usually quite straightforward when it comes to their paytables, but Lucky Spell is adding a little spell of originality here, which is worth checking out.

If you choose the regular play mode, then the game will behave much like the vast majority of slot games. Choose a wager, spin the reels and hope for a winning combinations as explained above.

But if you switch to the alternate play mode, the rules are simply reversed. “Winning” combinations are now worthless, and random selections of symbols trigger a cash prize instead. This prize corresponds to 1.2 times the value of your wager, precisely.

A Classic Game with a Little Twist

Lucky Spell is not a very ambitious slot game, especially given the small reel set and the relatively low rewards available. That being said, the game universe is quite fun and addictive. You can also see that simple rules are a plus for beginners, who are usually looking for a smooth way to start in the slot game universe. Lucky Spell focuses on the reels and does away with wilds, scatters and bonus symbols for a more beginner-friendly experience.

The alternate play mode is an original and quirky touch to the basic gameplay. The stakes are not particularly high if you are not willing to bet more than the minimum on the reels, though.

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